White House Has ‘Incredible Power’ To Hide Public Information


With the release of a secret August 15, 2009 memo, the White House gave itself the power to censor any FOIA requests that might embarrass the administration. It has slowed or nixed any information coming from all Federal agencies.

White House Privilege

This is according to whistleblowers in the White House and a presidential memo obtained via a FOIA request.

Claiming we have a transparent administration is just another lie. Barack Obama planned this lack of transparency in 2009 while claiming he was the most transparent administration ever.

This rule established in the memo has enabled the White House to track in real time who is asking for derogatory information about the Obama administration, workers said.

Anything that could embarrass the administration is interpreted by agencies as requiring extra review.

The White House has no right to inject itself into FOIA requests and, as a consequence, it enables him to obstruct justice in congressional investigations.

The memo became known about a year ago. It was kept secret by the White House.

The White House claims everything is “White House equities”. It gives White House incredible power. Watch the video explaining White House equities at The Washington Times.