Whites Don’t See Black Children As ‘Worthy of Being Alive’ Says One Black Liberal


“Demon” and “aggressive” are racist terms and whites don’t see black children “as worthy of being alive”. The problems affecting black society stem from slavery of their ancestors. All this is according to one liberal black writer and one has to wonder how many others believe exactly as she does.

Stacey Patton, in an article in The Washington Post last week, presented a bizarre piece to justify the violence and criminality we see in Ferguson and elsewhere.

Patton is a pretty, smart, accomplished black woman who made her own way out of dismal circumstances and came to the conclusion that slavery and white people are to blame for what ails poor black communities. Ferguson and Michael Brown serve as examples of police brutality and mistreatment of blacks in her mind.

Not once does she or anyone mention gangs and drugs when they discuss Ferguson but it is gangs that are destroying black communities.

Her premise is that whites, particularly white police officers, don’t see black children as children, they see them as threats. It is the reason they are disproportionately represented in prisons, it is the reason for much of their problems, according to Stacey Patton.

The reality is that absentee parents, drugs and gangs are destroying black youth.

Getting back to Patton, these are the first two paragraphs of her piece:

Black America has again been reminded that its children are not seen as worthy of being alive — in part because they are not seen as children at all, but as menacing threats to white lives.

America does not extend the fundamental elements of childhood to black boys and girls. Black childhood is considered innately inferior, dangerous and indistinguishable from black adulthood. Black children are not afforded the same presumption of innocence as white children, especially in life-or-death situations.

This is her evidence that this is the case: Wilson described Brown as a “demon,” “aggressive,” and said that Brown had taunted him by saying, “You are too much of a p—y to shoot me.”

Juan Williams said much the same thing on The Sean Hannity Radio Show. He said there was racism in the Brown-Wilson case because Wilson used racist “code” words. When asked what they were, he said “demon” is a code word. I guess “demon” is now banned since it’s racist.

It’s paranoiac, rationalization, or simply manipulative.

Anyone who has been confronted with an angry, out of control person knows that the person can look demonic – no matter what their color.

Since Brown attacked the officer in his police car, that does qualify him as “aggressive.” Who attacks a police officer in his cruiser?

Wilson relating Brown’s comment about him being a “pu@@y” was testimony. For Patton to use that against him is nonsensical.

Patton writes this: The 6-foot-4, 210-pound Wilson told the jury, “I felt like a 5-year-old holding onto Hulk Hogan. . . . That’s how big he felt and how small I felt just from grasping his arm.” Wilson claimed that Brown charged at him through a hail of bullets before he shot him in the head. The history of that night paints Wilson as an innocent white child so threatened by a big, black beast that his only option was to use lethal force.

How does she get big, black beast out of that? It’s in her mind and there is no proof it was in Wilson’s. It is the liberal in her who thinks of Michael Brown as a big black beast. Officer Wilson never used those words.

Her logic doesn’t work anyway. What she left out is that Brown was 6’5″ according to USA Today and weighed 292lbs. Eighty pounds is a tremendous weight difference and Wilson’s size does pale in comparison.

McCulloch presented the evidence on the night the decision by the grand jury was announced. Patton sees the truth as an attack on Brown’s sketchy character.

Remarkably, she says this: One unnamed witness testified that Brown was in “a full charge,” with his fists clenched or at his sides.Such descriptions, so similar to 19th-century defenses of lynching, are often invoked when a black child is gunned down in America.

The witness who made the statement is black.  How does she get lynching out of a person in full charge with fists clenched?

She then compares Michael Brown, a thug, with Emmett Till, a truly innocent black child who was brutally tortured and murdered in 1955, which was a very different time in America. It is important to note that Emmett Till was killed by amoral, racist thugs, not by all Americans.

Drawing moral equivalence between Emmett Till and Michael Brown is an act of perversion.

Patton then goes on to say black children have their ages overestimated so blacks can be judged, not as children, but as threats to whites.

She continues:

If a white life cycle features innocence, growth, civility, responsibility and becoming an adult, blackness is characterized as the inversion of that. Not only are black children cast as adults but, just as perversely, black adults are stuck in a limbo of childhood, viewed as irresponsible, uncivil, criminal, innately inferior. Through the incarceration of black adults and the disproportionate placement of black children into foster care, the state acts as a parent, while simultaneously abdicating its responsibility to invest in children of color. In the Ferguson case, the state is ostensibly saying: We have no responsibility to protect your children.

She presents no evidence for any of this though she cites some anecdotal cases for which she has some creative interpretations.

She, however, was a foster child and appears to carry a lot of baggage from her own bad experiences.

She wants us to invest in our black children. What investments would she – as a liberal – have us make? Shall we all encourage blacks to abort more of their children? Shall we teach them this anger and hate towards whites like they do? Would they like more unwed mothers among black households? Perhaps Ms. Patton would like police to stop arresting black criminals?

Referring to the repercussions of the deaths of several black youths at the hands of police, she said: …they (black parents) are forced to instill fear in their children — warning them about the dangers of white people and the police. Such words of caution are not enough to overcome the centuries of attitudes toward and policies behind white killing of black children.

Patton has no concerns about whites being killed by blacks which occurs at a slightly greater rate.

She should have added that as long as hate mongers like her keep telling blacks that whites hate them, they do need to live in fear and hate.

Dr. Stacey Patton, is a highly successful black woman who wrote on her website advertising her memoirs that she suffered abandonment and abuse as a child. Ignoring her hate-filled rhetoric, it seems she is an example of what all black people can accomplish.

According to a Barnes and Noble editor’s review, she wrote a memoir in which she “links her experience to the legacy of American slavery and successfully frames her understanding of why her good adoptive parents did terrible things to her by realizing they had terrible things done to them.”

There you have it. The parental abuse wasn’t the fault of her black adoptive parents. It was all those white people who enslaved their ancestors or who maybe, possibly abused her adoptive parents.

She got hold of a gun one day by her own account which she was going to use to kill her adoptive parents before she realized it wasn’t their fault. It was the fault of what was done to them, and she links it all back to slavery.

So, you see, there is no personal responsibility for a tyrannical mother and a weak father, it’s the white man’s fault.

Black people are killing black people, not the police, and while some would have us believe it’s a myth, it’s hardly that. Ninety percent of murder victims in New York City are African-American, and the person who pulls the trigger is almost always African-American.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, 93 percent of black homicides were indeed committed by other blacks between 1980 and 2008. In 2012, the most recent data posted on the Web, the figure was 91 percent.

Many like to say that the figure is similar to whites. Most murders of whites are by whites. That’s true but it doesn’t change the fact that the problem for blacks is not white people, it’s blacks. It doesn’t change the fact that blacks, mostly due to gangs and societal issues, are self-destructing.

A 2012 study by the Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention revealed that in 2010 black youths committed six times more murders, three times more rapes, 10 times more robberies and three times more assaults than did their white counterparts.

Similar statistics were released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the “Uniform Crime Reports.” They determined, “In the year 2008, black youths, who make up 16% of the youth population, accounted for 52% of juvenile violent crime arrests, including 58% for homicide and 67% for robbery.” By contrast, the only categories where white youths surpassed blacks were in liquor law violations and driving under the influence.

Stacey Patton does a lot of good. She works at helping children who are being mistreated in their homes. If she could channel her rage against whites and look at situations like Ferguson more rationally, she would serve the public a lot better. It’s unfortunate that Michael Brown died but he put himself in the situation he was in by all accounts. There is no evidence to the contrary and to continually make excuses for bad behavior helps no one. Children aren’t always innocent. There are plenty of children of all colors and creeds who are capable of committing heinous crimes. Patton was almost one of them.