Who Cares About the Fiscal Cliff, Let’s Refurbish Mosques in Egypt

Mosque Makeovers With US Tax Dollars

Following up on Dell’s article on foreign aid, here’s a reminder of something we could cut in foreign aid. They hate us anyway:

What are we doing?

Fifty-seven percent of Mexican immigrants, mostly illegal, are on welfare. That’s productive!

We borrow money from China, a brutal communist regime, we monetize our debt and we tax, tax, tax.

Wait until we go over the fiscal cliff, we’re all going to pay, at least those of us who pay will pay.

The millionaires who make $200,000 (Obama math) will get killed.

Individuals who make over $200,000 and couples making over $250,000 in California will pay 53% in federal and state taxes but that doesn’t even count real estate, county, town, sales taxes, fees and new Obamacare taxes.

New York and Hawaii will hit 50%.

Massachusetts, Virginia, Washington, New Jersey, and Connecticut will pay close to 50%. Virginia is the only red state, but it’s moving towards the dark side (dark being figurative for blue state).

Half the nation won’t pay any federal taxes but will get handouts.

However, as long as we can build and refurbish mosques in countries that hate us, all is well.