Was There An Order to Stand Down in Benghazi


ty woods photo of Ty Woods Jr, murdered in Benghazi. Did someone give the order to let him die?

Stephen Hayes of The Weekly Standard has the original Talking Points and has been reporting on them in detail this week.

The Talking Points, which originally stated the attack on Benghazi was a terror attack, were completely cleansed of all references to a terror attack by the time of Susan Rice’s appearance on the Sunday Talk Shows.

The administration knew the night of the attack that there was no protest, that it was a terror attack, and that an al Qaeda affiliate was at the compound, but they chose to feed false information to the American people.

The administration sent Susan Rice out to give a false narrative to the public.The President and the Secretary of State gave the false narrative repeatedly. There is a videographer in jail in California because of this false narrative.

An exchange of emails outlined in the House report bolsters the case that this narrative was untrue. One email gives the main reason for the changes and the other announces that the talking points would receive their final substantive rewrite at a meeting of top administration officials on Saturday, September 15, the day before Susan Rice went on to the Sunday News Shows.

There is expected to be testimony this week to the effect that there was a stand down order in Benghazi.

Ty Woods father wants to know who gave the order to let his son die and so do we.

Did we leave our people behind to die? That is not what Americans do.

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