Who Is the Real Corey Lewandowski And Do We Care?



Corey Lewandowski is a father of four children and he’s a tough political opponent who is reported to be ‘hated’ by the media. He’s also the former lobbyist for the seafood industry who never ran a national campaign before now. He staged debates in public with a cardboard cutout and once sneaked a gun into the US Capitol.

Trump is tough too – very – which is much of his appeal and he appreciates lobbyists which could be why he hired one to be his campaign manager.

Trump has used lobbyists for his entire career as a businessman. During the Hannity radio show on March 24th, Jamie Dupree, who is billed as the most connected man in Washington, said that the lobbyists would feel much more comfortable with Trump over Cruz.

The 42-year old campaign director rose from New Hampshire politics in an astonishing way out of relative obscurity.

He is the one who came up with the slogan, “Let Trump be Trump”. The Wall Street Journal noted that he has scrawled the phrase over a white board in his office in Trump Tower.

Trump lets Lewandowski be Lewandowski as well.

Lewandowski, who has an arrest record over grabgate, did grab former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields and pulled her away from Trump during a scrum but then said he didn’t and she was “delusional.” Trump has said that Fields changed her story several times but she hasn’t.

It wasn’t as dramatic as Ms. Fields portrayed it, however, but it does add to the war on women mantra that now follows Trump. More than 73% of American women have an unfavorable opinion of Trump according to the latest polls and all prior polls.

We’ve gone from the gentleman’s politics of John McCain and Mitt Romney, who cost the GOP two elections because they wouldn’t address the glaring problems and scandals of Barack Obama, to the rough and scrappy politics of Donald Trump.

John Weaver who worked on McCain’s and Kasich’s campaigns told the Guardian, “I have never heard of a campaign manager in politics getting involved in tugging, pulling, hitting demonstrators or reporters. Maybe Lewandowski is confusing his job with professional wrestling, I don’t know, but I don’t think he’s doing any services to politics.”

His comment is humorous but his style of politics hasn’t worked. However, one must ask, is there no happy medium? Perhaps Ted Cruz offers the happy medium.

Trump hired Lewandowski from his job as state director of Americans for Prosperity, the Tea Party-leaning group funded by the billionaire Koch brothers.

In 1994, Lewandowski ran for the Massachusetts state legislature and lost.

From there, he worked on the primary campaign of New Hampshire senator Bob Smith. He immediately went after the opposition, three-term congressman John H Sununu, son of the former Governor. He tried to create a scandal around the Arab-American, claiming he was anti-Israel and soft on terrorism because of a donation by someone loosely tied to The Holy Land Foundation. No one believed it because they knew Sununu and the GOP roundly condemned Lewandowski. Sununu went on to win by 8 points.

In 2010, working with Americans for Prosperity, he went on stage to debate tax cuts. He used a cardboard cutout of then New Hampshire governor John Lynch, a ruse he used at rallies to goad the Democrat in front of Tea Party crowds.

Rush Limbaugh said on his show Thursday that he didn’t know of Lewandowski prior to this scandal, but said he has since “deduced” one thing about him — that he’s “hated.”

“I haven’t found anybody in the media who doesn’t have vitriolic hate for this guy,” Limbaugh said. “That’s not an opinion.”

“And I think everything flows from that in this thing,” he added referencing grabgate.

Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen brings up the same gag reflex for many. He’s the one who thinks a wife can’t be raped.  “By the very definition, you can’t rape your spouse”, he said.

It doesn’t matter if they are liked or hated, it only seems to matter if they are effective. After years of wimps, maybe this isn’t so bad. It’s hard to imagine how it could get worse.