Who Really Cares About Our Soldiers?


It’s not the United for Peace organization.

Every Saturday, a small group of anti-war protesters stand on the south side of the corner in E. Setauket; they stand on the U.S. flag, they hang the flag upside down, and they hold up placards calling our soldiers “murderers.”

Since 9/11, North Country Patriots have protested on the north side of the street in opposition because someone must stand up for our soldiers. North Country Patriots began with veterans from previous wars and now includes other every day Americans.

Last Saturday, the United for Peace organization joined the anti-war protesters on the south side of the street. Their false proclamations of concern for our soldiers brought tears to the eyes of the WWII and Vietnam veterans who stand on the north side of the street because they know what they really believe.

The hypocrisy of United for Peace is paralyzing.

North Country Patriots vs. United for Peace