Whoever Silences the Tea Party Silences America



Tea Party rally September, 2009

The Tea Party, Conservatives, and Republicans are terrorists, extremists, radicals, stupid, suicide bombers, and madmen who hate women, children, and old people. Maxine Waters, the Socialist, wants them all to go to Hell. David Plouffe tweeted today that Republicans are economic terrorists. Mr. Obama said Republicans are the ones who want 100% of everything they have asked for.

But is that true?

Forget what you think you know from this rhetoric and consider the following.

Who is grabbing power for the Executive Branch of government? Who is disregarding Congress and the Separation of Powers? It isn’t John Boehner or the Tea Party or Mike Lee or Ted Cruz. They all want freedom for the American people.

Who is building this incredible database on every American through Organizing for America (OFA)? It is the same man who is collecting our personal and financial information through the IRS; spying on us through the NSA; and collecting detailed information on our children thanks to Common Core. It is the man who is targeting conservatives, using the IRS. It is the man who is spying on reporters.

Listen to Maxine Waters talk about the OFA database and think about what could be done to threaten, cajole, and lure people with this information in the hands of a small number of elites:

Investors has an article by Dr. Betsy McCaughey titled, ‘Obama Seems To Think Presidency Gives Him Absolute Power.’

Her points are these:

Three days after the the 2009 inauguration, Republicans voiced concerns about the enormous Stimulus, but Obama would not negotiate. His only reponse to them was, ‘I won.’

Since he lost the House, he has been discrediting the Constitutional limits on presidential power in lieu of negotiations. Instead of negotiating, he makes inane statements like, ‘I will not pay ransom.’ He does it to ignore the peoples’ House unscathed.

The House is responsible for the purse and when he ignores the House, he is ignoring the people.

The House asked for two minor changes to Obamacare: They asked for a one-year delay on the Individual Mandate and, given the enrollment is a miserable failure to date, a one-year delay sounds like a great idea. The other minor change they asked for is the elimination of the congressional subsidy. Why should Congress get anything the rest of us don’t get after having foisted Obamacare on us without the majority of people in support? He postponed the mandate for big business but the individual will have to pay a penalty.

Obama said, “The Affordable Care Act is a law that passed the House. It passed the Senate; the Supreme Court ruled it constitutional. … and it is settled,” said Obama. However, Obama has violated the law 17 times – illegally. He delayed the employer mandate, the cap on out of pocket expenses, income verification, and endless numbers of deadlines specific to the law. He added almost 1500 waivers, many for his friends. SCOTUS ruled twice that the president cannot delay, amend or repeal parts of laws but he did. He ignores SCOTUS too.

Nancy Pelosi wants to raise the debt ceiling without an act of Congress. She wants to use the 14th Amendment to violate the Constitution! Her argument is absurd. Clearly, Congress has the power of the purse, not the President. Also absurd is her claim that Congress incurred the debt when almost $7 trillion of it came from Obama.

She wants Mr. Obama to have a ‘clean’ bill which means they want unfettered spending without any cuts whatsoever. Who is the economic terrorist?

Listen to Ms. Pelosi try to misstate the 14th Amendment:

BizPacReview reported that Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee suggested using “martial law” as a means to pass the clean continuing resolution that would put an end to the partial government shutdown.

“It’s something called a continuing resolution,” Lee said, “but it’s a bill that you put on the floor that has been passed already by Republicans and Democrats in the United States Senate… Republican and Democratic senators have already voted for this clean bill that we could vote on today. We have martial law. What that means, and my colleagues know what it means, is that you can put a bill on in just minutes.”

Martial law! Are you kidding me? The fact that those words even left her mouth is a disgrace.

There isn’t much resistance to any of this. The Tea Party and some Republicans are the only ones putting up a fight so what does the opposition do? They demonize them. They are vulnerable.

They attack them as racists when there is no evidence or at least there is no more evidence than there is against Democrats. They call them every vicious name they can conjure up. They accuse them of trying to destroy the country. Some Republicans even join them in the attacks.

The purpose is to destroy any and all opposition.

Who is violating immigration law, DOMA, The Affordable Care Act, marijuana laws? I’m not saying I agree or disagree with those laws but they are or were the law.

What kind of administration insults large portions of its electorate and turns one against the other? Who is it who wants to force anti-abortion people to violate their moral and religious conscience? Who wants to map every neighborhood in the country and social engineer them.

What right does this administration have to tax people exorbitantly as if it were their money?

People who agree with Mr. Obama aren’t as concerned or maybe they are not concerned at all, however, I ask them to remember what he did to the liberal Associated Press – he spied on them surreptitiously. Eventually, everyone becomes a victim in a statist society.

Do you really want an administration that can’t produce a $654 million dollar website to enroll you for healthcare? Do you want the IRS handling all your loved ones health needs when they target people?

Mr. Obama’s policies are destroying the middle class. The divide between the rich and the poor has grown enormously under him and, yet, he has convinced people that it was Bush’s fault.

Who is really blowing up the government?

I have one last question. If he silences the only opposition, who will be left to fight and where will this end? If any one among us is silenced, then one day you will be next.

“Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.” ~ Harry S. Truman