Whoopi Goldberg Says Kellyanne Conway Is Fake News


Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t agree with Kellyanne Conway so she accused her of being fake news on Monday. The women of The View find Donald Trump’s reaction to the Russian hacking story “unbelievable”. They first played the clip in which Trump joked about hoping Russia finds Hillary’s 30,000 emails. That’s the same joke Josh Earnest referred to today at the presser in which he said even Trump believed Russians were hacking. He actually referred to a joke as proof.

The Russians didn’t hack the election. They could have hacked the DNC and Podesta and then turned the emails over to Wikileaks but there’s no evidence they did. If Russians are responsible, they gave us some valuable information.

After the clip, Sara Haines said it’s a problem he doesn’t see it as a problem. She said, “When Kellyanne Conway says this might be fake news at times when she refers to it, that’s the problem.”

Whoopi Goldberg responded, “Kellyanne Conway is fake news.”

When Joy Behar reminded Goldberg that Conway was coming to The View this week, Goldberg said, “I don’t care. Listen, if this were any other country, we’d be all in their business. We’d be investigating, we’d be looking and saying ‘You can’t run these kinds of election things.’”