Who’s Unbalanced On The Debt Ceiling Debate?

Uh Oh, There Goes The Boat?

Just when you thought you had the best of the weekly quotes from the President, wouldn’t you know that he’d come up with another, and on Friday no less. I can’t jump the gun again and publish the weekly quotes before Friday from now on.

And while I’m at it, I want to say thank you Mr. President for your confidence in the American people as tax-loving, I mean revenue-loving, fools (unlike the Republicans).

“…The American people are sold. 80% of the people who support a balanced approach. You have 80% of the Amreican people support an approach that includes revenues (taxes) and includes cuts…the notion that the people aren’t sold…”

Hello! Hello! I’m here! And I’m not sold!

President Obama believes the Republicans won’t do the right thing because they are ideological and made statements that they must stick to even though 80% of the people want revenue (taxes) and cuts.

This may be a wild notion, but if we put people back to work and encourage private business, won’t that increase revenue the right way?