Why Are Anti-Israel Groups At the Israeli Day Parade?


The June 3rd Israeli Day Parade is supposed to be a time when the American Jewish community comes together to celebrate Israel and show their support. In a bizarre move, groups vehemently opposed to Israel will be allowed to march alongside the pro-Israel Jewish community.

One of the anti-Israel groups is the National Israel Fund which has taken money from “the European Union, which seeks to influence internal Israeli politics through a front organization. NIF, in turn, funds numerous Israeli NGOs (non-governmental organizations), some of which promote boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel.” [INN]

Another group marching is the Partners for Progressive Israel which pushes boycotting of settlement products sold in the U.S. The Chair of the group has publicly called for “effective sanctions” against Israel.

People who are organizing economic destruction of Israel should not be allowed to march in a parade to support Israel. Isn’t that obvious?

Israel National News: …Why would the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC), which officially organizes the parade, permit such anti-Israel organizations to participate?

I believe the answer may lie in the political ideology of John Ruskay, CEO of the UJA-Federation of New York. Dr. Ruskay exerts significant influence on the JCRC through his organization’s funding.  Published reports show John Ruskay worked with Noam Chomsky [the Anarchist-Libertarian-Socialist] in one of the first political bash Israel groups; CONAME (Committee On NewAlternatives in The Middle East).  John Ruskay also gave over one million dollars of UJA-Federation donations to a radical political group, funded by George Soros, Jewish Funds for Justice…

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