Why Are We Only Talking About Russian Cyber-Attacks, Look What China Did


We don’t even know if Russia attacked Podesta, DNC, DNCC emails. There is no evidence, but we do have evidence allegedly that Chinese hackers threatened a U.S. defense contractor with bankruptcy if they didn’t get jet fighter logistics secrets. At least the Pentagon’s Joint Staff said it’s true.

A report earlier this month by the Joint Staff’s J-2 intelligence directorate revealed the information.

The Chinese demanded access to the company’s intellectual property, and said unless the company secrets were provided, China would steal the data, reverse engineer it, and then sell it internationally in a bid to force the company into bankruptcy.

The unidentified company is involved in supplying logistics support for U.S. fighter aircraft, such as parts and maintenance for fighters.

This is a very serious threat if true. We don’t know what to believe from the government, but just a it is very serious that the Chinese built fake islands in the South China Sea in the busiest mercantile water lane in the world. More than five trillion dollars worth of business travels through that waterway each year. Pre-Obama, the U.S. protected commerce in the region.

The Joint Staff report on the Chinese threat to the defense contractor indicates that a U.S. counterintelligence program designed to protect American businesses from foreign state cyber-attacks is not working.

Just as Barack Obama denied the Russians or ISIS were a threat in 2012, just as he denied Iran was a threat in 2008, he is now denying China is a threat.

The relationship between the United States and China is being touted as one of the most important bilateral relationships in the world. During the course of Obama’s tenure, the opportunities to cooperate with China on key global challenges allegedly expanded, but at the same time, Chinese interests clashed on several issues and strategic competition increased.

The claim is that Obama told China to stop testing the U.S. and it worked. They have been bragging about the lie that China was willing to do something about climate change. It’s a grand deception. All China did was agree to do something in 2030.

The administration claims we have a much more resilient relationship. We can disagree on one issue and avoid threatening the rest, they say.

The fact is that Obama has let China do anything they want from playing games with their currency to stealing our drones in front of our ships to cyber-attacking to building fake armed islands. We’ve won nothing.

Obama’s China legacy according to the administration: