Why Dems Put Debates into TV’s Witless Protection Programing



Have you noticed the Democrat presidential debates are not only extremely rare, but delivered on venues and in time slots guaranteed to receive low ratings? Just look at the schedule:

  • Tuesday, October 13th The day following a long Columbus Day Weekend.
  • Saturday, November 14th In the midst of Saturday, college football fever.
  • Saturday, December 19th Christmas parties galore. Jets vs. Cowboys
  • Sunday, January 17th Two NFL semi-final championship games running into the evening.
  • Thursday, February 11th Where? Moderated by Big Bird maybe?
  • Wednesday March 9th Hosted by Jorge’ Ramos and Luis Gutierrez?

Can anyone imagine Dem candidates JFK, Bill Clinton, or Barack Obama allowing themselves to be pushed into such an obscure a lineup? Of course not. They knew their best chance of winning was getting a star struck media to highlight their “on screen” charisma.

So why are Hillary, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley, being kept behind the curtain? Here are three reasons, with some supporting details, to help explain this calculated plan.

#1- Democrats don’t want 3 lilly white office seekers, with the 2 frontrunners averaging 71 years of age, to be widely identified as the face of a party they like to self describe as “hip” and “diverse”.   An audience of even casual observers, over exposed to this crew, would certainly begin to ask themselves if that’s really the very best they can offer.

Because if a 72 year old Brooklyn born Socialist, serving with little distinction in the Senate, a former Mayor of crime ridden Baltimore, and a scandal plagued former First Lady, NYS Senator, and failed Secretary of State are the cream of this crop, people are going to more readily understand how Democrats have lost over 1,000 seats in local, state, and federal elections since 2010.

#2- Tepid Democrat sparring is a terrible mismatch when up against the ongoing, robust GOP fight. Actually to say Sanders, Clinton and O’Malley are even sparring is an injustice to the “sweet science” of boxing. It’s more like tuning in to watch Hill train, with Bernie and Marty serving as her punching bags. The latter plays the role of a speed bag, getting rat a tat tatted at Clinton’s pleasure. The former, having given Hillary a pass on her email lying, assumes his position as the “heavy bag”, absorbing blows, forfeiting his ability to counter punch. FYI, almost anyone can look formative hitting something that can’t really hit back, but who wants to watch that for two hours?

On the other side, this Republican field is loaded with feisty, well trained, informed contestants who are, in any given round willing to throw some big haymakers. And they’ve got their own charismatic leader who draws people to the tube either to watch him win, watch him lose, or just watch him. Donald Trump is driving debate ratings through the roof, and his exposure has “trickled down” to a number of talented candidates. Almost all are vibrant, passionate, and willing to take risks in the political ring. For tens of millions of people, many of them debate nubies, it’s must watch television. If these debates were pay for view, where do you suppose the paying customers would go?

#3- Last, but most importantly, the Democrats have to, at all cost protect Hillary Clinton from herself. Remember she’s the one who couldn’t even kick off a book tour filled with “puff interviews” and fawning reporters without making a mess of it. She appeared wildly aloof and out of touch, claiming even after they moved to a multi-million dollar estate in tony Westchester, NY, she and Bill left the White House, “dead broke”.   Unforced blunders such as those frightened Mrs. Clinton’s handlers into cherry picking and carefully controlling tiny, mostly unflattering, scripted events.

And you can be sure that even the most optimistic Clinton supporters know she is an uninspiring, oft times clumsy campaigner whose poll numbers drop as her public exposure rises. More frightening still is, with the FBI investigating, and Joe Biden not running, Democrats realize that it’s either Hill or Hell, because there’s no viable replacement in this truly pathetic field.

So with the help of a compliant, cherry picked (no Fox) media the Democrat Party has basically hidden their presidential “contenders” in what amounts to their “witless protection programing”, deliberately diverting the American public’s attention away from watching a half dozen of these tedious, half baked debates.

And given what the Dems are working with, who can blame them?