Why Don’t We Care About Tibet for Humanitarian Reasons?

Self-Immolation of Junior High School Girl Because Life Was Unbearable

The genocide against Tibetans continues unabated by the Chinese Communists. No one even offers their voice in opposition while Tibetans disappear or are enslaved.

Two more people set themselves on fire, one a mother of four and the other a young girl. The Chinese stoned the body of the young girl. Do I need to say more?

…Dharamsala (AsiaNews) – A Tibetan woman, mother of four children, has self immolated in front of the monastery of Kirti (Sichuan), while a Tibetan girl also set herself on fire but in a market Maqu in Gansu.

Rinchen, a widow of 32 , set herself on fire yesterday in front of the police station built in recent months to control the entrance of the monastery of Kirti. According to evidence presented by Free Tibet, the woman shouted “Tibet needs freedom; the Gyalwa Rinpochen [Dalai Lama] should return to Tibet “. Rinchen’s body was taken and brought to the monastery.

Her husband had died a year ago and she leaves behind four children: a 13 year old, Gyamo, two whose names are not known and a fourth child only a few months old…Read more: Asia News