Why I Don’t Like LinkedIn


The NSA needn’t collect all our data, all they have to do is go to LinkedIn!


LinkedIn is a social media site that is probably very useful for networking if you own a business. I joined when I was invited by someone. I only went on when I received yet another invitation. I never gave them much of a thought, even after receiving dozens of invitations.

Then, last night, my sister-in-law asked me why I invited her to join LinkedIn, which I would never do since she can’t even work a mouse. I then checked my iPhone and found literally dozens of emails from friends and family asking me why I invited them to LinkedIn.

They were almost all people who are NOT on social media.

I never invited them but the invitation said I did.

Somehow LinkedIn found the people I know and invited them to LinkedIn under my name. What’s up with that?

LinkedIn is a successful networking site for professionals but I personally don’t like their very aggressive marketing technique.

I deleted my account this morning and decided to write about these social media hound dogs.