Why Is a Happy Cow Headlining This Article?


This is an article you might want to read.

We put a cow on the front for a very good reason.

The following is an article the left-wing censors have banned. They’ve reduced the exposure, labeled it as spam to make people fearful of reading it, and sent it into the outer-reaches of the Internet-verse so it’s hard to find. There is a reason for that. Perhaps you can read it and figure out why it’s been buried on the Internet.

Since the censors are trying so hard to block it, we thought we’d try republishing it with an innocuous title and a picture that has nothing to do with he article.

Here’s the story:

Bill deBlasio, the Communist mayor of New York City

Since Bill O’Reilly has been on his own Internet show, he’s been less concerned about being fair and balanced and has been more concerned about being clear and very honest. Off and on, he has talked about the dark future the United States faces if the Progressives win this culture war.

Monday, he said he believes New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is a communist [no kidding].

O’Reilly discussed the committee de Blasio formed to study the tearing down of the historical statues in New York City. The deBlasio committee includes every left wing loon he could dig up [The co-chairs are hard-left Ford Foundation President Darren Walker and the hard-left commissioner of the Department of Cultural Affairs, Tom Finkelpearl, Communist Harry Belafonte, an anthropologist from the American Mohawk people, a historian of Chinese-American people, and others – all loons].

“New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has established a panel that will assess whether or not historical monuments should be torn down. “I believe that de Blasio is a communist,” Bill declared, “based on observing the man for 20 years. So he appoints this panel that has every left-wing loon in town. Grant’s Tomb? It will be gone. Washington? Bye-bye.”

Bill said our culture and history will be erased and rewritten with leftist heroes.

He continued, “Things are now so bad that Los Angeles has banned Columbus Day and replaced it with ‘Indigenous People’s Day.’ Do the leftists have any idea what the indigenous people did to each other before the Europeans showed up. There was savage warfare and cannibalism, they made Columbus look like Mother Teresa. These morons in Los Angeles don’t know anything about what happened.”

Just as a point of interest, deBlasio honeymooned in communist Cuba when it was illegal. He’s very, very far left and he will be re-elected.

As an aside, the Sentinel is linking to an interview with the commie during which he proved he’s a literal communist. Read deBlasio’s interview and his argument against private property on this link.

Listen to a Bill O’Reilly clip [his show is at billoreilly.com]:

This article has been banned also: Refuse Fascism



  1. Censored because he called a communist a communist, and opposes the ‘progressives’ who want to dismantle everything, and install their own Sharia like version of law in America.

    Censored because he spoke the truth.

    • Thank you for responding. I really am concerned. My numbers are going way down since the censors came about. It’s hard to believe. I know there are no viruses, yet it’s warning some people there are. In other cases, if you google it, it doesn’t come up.

      Censorship alarms me.

  2. We really need a public uproar and outrage in the pervasive censoring of people, and especially information. It is not only Big Tech with their overwhelming power Over people and information but it has moved to domain hosting. It results in a person not to be even allowed on a network. It should be a big concern that ICANN who creates domains, such as .com etc., has had its control given to a world body instead US control. This is especially worrying given Germany and others who have been prosecuting journalists for reporting on Islamic terrorism. The only method of counteracting this is to return to early internet system by using only IP addresses, which means instead of entering a name for a site you would enter only the IP address, such http:// xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx. In fact, in Windows, you can give your own names and IP addresses in the Hosts file. This is how some blocking software accomplishes the block, by adding the IP address in the Host file and routing it to //localhost , your machine.

    Many Government rules and regulations cover entities that are classified as “common carriers” such as businesses in interstate commerce. This also included radio, which included pre-cellular mobile telephone and referred to as Radio Common Carriers. The Net Neutrality DID seek to classify the internet as a common carrier but additional regulation would have over stressed ISP’s and created an even worse problem. It is time, though, to begin to consider these Tech Giants as common carriers and regulate them as such and subject to punishments when violating basic rights .

    • I’m glad. I miss your comments. They’re very good – interesting and informative. Everyone who posts here is just great.

  3. Sharyl Attkisson on full measure in feb 2017 called The Sum of Knowledge #FakeNews #Bias #Censorship. here a quote of the show, “There are unprecedented efforts by special interests including political parties, corporations and our own U.S. government, to control the information you see on the news and online”…….scary stuff, Hitler and Goebbles did this crap

  4. Scary indeed. Tucker Carlson has been focused on what increasingly appears to be a Google monopoly over what info goes out on the internet.

  5. I was watching Tucker interviewing Mike Lee and I’d bet most Conservatives would give him high marks. I’d never really heard him before so I knew little of him but tonight convinced me he is just another worthless politician. Initially they were talking about the “religious test” by many Democrats on the Judicial nominees. He was troubled by it BUT as a Senator he Could have raised a point of order to quell such a line of questioning but sat there quiet. I wasn’t aware he was on that Committee.

    The Google monopoly came up and he skirted that issue forthright. He said any anti Trust violation had to be taken on a case by case basis. This is just a “slick” political position to evade and deflect the issue. I think we need to look at who his contributors are, or any other influences he may be shielding. As I now recall he was a fervent anti-Trumper and since Most of the issues are with Trump supporters that may be where his reluctance lies .

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