Why Is the EPA Giving Grants at All, Much Less to Foreigners and Marxists

Commissar McCarthy
Commissar McCarthy

The EPA is functioning as a radical Socialist institution on a number of fronts and no less so than in grant-giving.

Whoever started the practice of having government agencies hand out tax dollars to support their latest “cause” should be flogged. It’s corrupt and it allows unelected bureaucrats to pass tax dollars through even more hands. Some government people exist only to dole out our money to their favorite cronies.

I offer a snapshot.

In May, 2011, The Daily Signal revealed that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was doling out money to China. While the People’s Republic of China holds over $1.1 trillion of our debt, EPA is busy giving grants to China. The Chinese grantees include their Ministry of Environmental Protection.

The Daily Caller reported that in a September, 2012 hearing on Capitol Hill, Republicans in the House Energy and Commerce Committee attacked the EPA for awarding grants to foreign countries under the Clean Air Act.

“There is nothing in the Clean Air Act directing the EPA to send tax dollars abroad, and the American people would not be pleased to know we are subsidizing foreign projects at a time when millions of Americans are out of work and the national debt just eclipsed $16 trillion,” House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton, a Michigan Republican, said in his opening statement.

Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan gave testimony that the EPA has doubled the money it hands out to foreign countries with nearly $12 million dollars in foreign grants given out in 2009. Almost $22 million was given in 2010 and a further $28 million was handed out in 2011.

“This is a disturbing trend that won’t stop unless we do something about it,” Upton remarked.

It is still going on, only worse.

In recent years, it has also given $1.2 million to the United Nations to promote clean fuels and $700,000 to Thailand to recover methane gas at pig farms.

And, earlier this year, EPA announced another $200,000 in taxpayer grants to Mexico to help its towns go green. Do U.S. taxpayers know that their tax dollars are going to fund environmental initiatives in other countries?

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced the recipients of nearly $1.2 million in grants to non-profit and tribal organizations “to address environmental justice issues nationwide.”

“The grants enable these organizations to conduct research, provide education, and develop solutions to local health and environmental issues in minority and low-income communities overburdened by harmful pollution,” the Oct. 8 press release stated.

“EPA’s environmental justice grants help communities across the country understand and address exposure to multiple environmental harms and risks at the local level,” Matthew Tejada, director of EPA’s Office of Environmental Justice, said in the press release.”

“Addressing the impacts of climate change is a priority for EPA and the projects supported by this year’s grants will help communities prepare for and build resilience to localized climate impacts,” Tejada said.

“Environmental justice is the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, or income with respect to development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies,” the document announcing the recipients of the grant funding stated.

It’s pure Marxism.

In 2014, the EPA announced they would put their resources squarely behind a United Nations’ quest for cleaner burning stoves and an end to deadly cooking pollution, according to The Washington Times, even though most Americans have modern gas and electric stoves.

The EPA is hell bent on ending all pollution from fireplaces, stoves, and anything that keeps us warm and heats our food.

The Washington Free Beacon reported on Monday that the Environmental Protection Agency has given $30,000 down in grant money to a “Unitarian ‘church’” that preaches about “white privilege” and says that America is “structurally racist.”

White privilege is anti-white bigotry and the Unitarians are not a church, they’re a philosophical, Marxist cult. The goal will be to spew some more anti-white prejudice and convince blacks they are victims.

What happened to separating church and state, even fake churches?

Open the Books has provided a good look at the outrageous spending by the EPA with an in-depth and stunning report by anyone’s standards. The EPA is creating Federal policy and writing laws. They are lawless and they have incredible power. They know everything about everyone and they are well-armed. They are even spending money on anti-Capitalist propaganda.

They need their budget cut and their Inspector General needs to work overtime.

If the EPA was a state, it would have ranked as the 38th largest spending state over the last four years. They would rank as the 14th largest law firm with their 1,020 lawyers.

Since 2000, in the federal disclosed data, the EPA has provided $72.244 billion in federal grants. 87.5% of EPA grants flowed to other units of local, state or federal government entities (outside of higher education); 6% of grants went to 3,000 private entities; 3% of EPA grants to Native Americans and indigenous people; and 3% of EPA grants went to colleges and universities across America.

By comparison The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant-making through 2013, gave $3.3 billion in grants and has total assets of $36.8 billion.Review the TOP 100 private foundations, click here. Since 2000, EPA grant–making is over 20X larger than the Gates Foundation.

They have 200 enforcers and have spent a small fortune on this division for so-called enviro-crimes which could include harmless miners in Alaska or a man building a pond on his property – those are real cases.

Last year, the EPA joined up with the FBI to conduct an armed raid of a company that buys and sells brass! It was discovered that several of their employees tested positive for elevated levels of lead.

“We are investigating alleged violations of environmental law. An investigation takes as long as it takes, and I can’t provide any details as it relates to that,” said Agent Marsden of the Montana EPA.

Wouldn’t an OSHA citation be in order over an armed raid?

The government agencies, not only have poor workers, they have workers who only exist to give away our money to Marxists around the globe and here at home.