Why It’s Obvious Barack Obama Will Do Nothing About the VA Scandal


After weeks of ignoring the VA scandal, after constant badgering by his own party members in Congress and after endless news reports demanding a response, we heard second-hand that Mr. Obama is mad as hell. That’s a soundbite the less-informed voters will eat right up.

VA head Eric Shinseki also claimed to be mad as hell while expressing the emotion of someone whose steak was over-cooked.

Finally, yesterday, Mr. Obama responded. He is not doing anything yet. He said – he’s waiting for the report even though there are countless reports he could respond to right now.

If this man were serious, he would have said something like, any veteran who has been waiting for more than say three weeks, can go to any hospital he wants to go to. That would be a meaningful response.

If Shinseki were serious, he would back the bill that would give him power to fire these incompetent and possibly criminally negligent employees. Mr. Obama, were he serious, would support the bill which he has yet to do.

Our veterans are dying and they will not take immediate action.

Mr. Obama knew about the problem since 2008 and was told again in 2010 and in 2012 that the numbers were being fudged. We know now that the “fudged numbers” or other serious problems have appeared in potentially 26 states with the list growing, but Mr. Obama still doesn’t know if the problem is systemic.

Another issue that is common in government agencies is the poor work ethic. Cardiologists in the VA see about two patients a day where they’d see five times as many in private practice if their salary depended on it. This will be Obamacare within the next ten years.

He claims he’s mad as hell and shows no sign that it is true.

Obama mad

To add insult to injury, he has also blamed all of us at the end of the next tape. He said all of us must be involved with this and paying attention to the problem. In one of his more subtle but common techniques, he shifted the blame to everyone in his speech yesterday. He’s done it before. He is never to blame.

Listen to Megyn Kelly blast the administration:

By the way, this is what mad as hell looks like:

Listen to the Rush Limbaugh Mad as Hell montage:

He’s mad all right.