Why Media Was Mum as Trump Helped Black Working Class Voters


About a month ago, Donald Trump made a big splash when he and Vice President Elect, Mike Pence put together a deal that kept roughly 800 Carrier air conditioning jobs in Indiana. The story was all over print and electronic media.

Virtually every aspect of the deal was reviewed, discussed, debated, and critiqued; except for the racial component. How is it a media that can find race in stories where there seems to be none, could find none in a feel good piece of news where 50% of the jobs saved were held by blacks?

This scenario had all the elements of a wonderful Christmas tale.   Here we had, after all the talk of minority income inequality, hundreds of hard working black Americans keeping their good paying jobs in time to enjoy the holiday season. The narrative was so uplifting it pretty much wrote itself.

As it’s turned out it would have had to write itself because so many of those generally race obsessed reporters couldn’t seem to “find their words”. Nor, apparently could they produce any enlightening images, that in this case, would have been worth more than 1,000 words . It fell to the New York Times, of all places, to very matter-of-factly report the 50% figure, in rather hushed, almost dark tones.

Why such a low keyed approach? Because if there was wide coverage of blue collar African Americans thanking Donald Trump for helping keep them at Carrier, it would likely hurt the Democrat Party. Worse still for Dems, would be some prideful, rejuvenated employee saying he/she was surprised Trump kept his word, and although they hadn’t voted for him this time, considering him in 4 years was a real possibility.

Those living in their ideologically driven liberal media world may not know a whole lot, but they do know that their political soul-mates, currently hanging on by a thread, will not survive the loss of many more black voters. Hillary only got 88% of this demographic, and that was after Michele and Barack Obama made powerful personal appeals to “do it for his legacy”. That was also after a year of relentless attacks painting The Donald as a racist, and supporter of the KKK. Dems never had a bigger target to brand a bigot, and a more complicit media to help them, yet Trump’s percentage of the minority vote was higher than Mitt Romney’s.

Mr. Trump’s bluntness initially shocked and upset onlookers. He told urban African Americans, Democrats had broken their promises for decades and he’ll work very hard to bring good paying jobs back to their cities. He was mocked by elitists for saying, “Give me a chance. What the hell do you have you got to lose?”. Critics found it “unsophisticated” and “demeaning”.   The good people at Carrier would have a very different take, but you’d never know it, because this inspirational, story with a happy racial ending was basically buried.

Why? It’s simple. Biased “reporters” fully understand a loss of the reliable black voting bloc would be the death knell of today’s Democrat Party. Spreading stories of African Americans enjoying good cheer courtesy of Donald Trump would not be tolerated in November/December 2016, and likely will be ignored whenever possible in the future. The way Trump’s going, that ignoring business may prove awfully tough.




  1. The biggest gift for the Republicans and Conservatives is the democrat party staying just the way they are!!
    Nancy Pelosi is correct… she said that nothing needs to change.
    I think we should respect her wishes and help them along!! That would be the compassionate thing to do!!

  2. Black voters in this country have historically suffered for their almost blind loyalty to political parties that have long since ceased to serve their interests. For decades after the Civil War, southern Blacks supported and (when they were allowed by the Democrats who controlled the process) voted for the Republican Party that had led the fight to free them from slavery.

    But once freed, they had served the Republican political purpose of using slavery as a moral rationale for the Civil War and… with no money, little education and no influence… they were quickly relegated to the bottom of the list of political priorities.

    As early as 1876, the Republicans were cutting deals with the segregationist Democrats in the “Solid (Democrat) South” for the crassest of electoral purposes. By the turn of the century, segregation was firmly institutionalized by the Supreme Court with barely a peep from Northern Republicans, who no longer needed Black people to serve their political purposes… why should they? The late 19th Century was the era of Republican Big Government support for the interests of the corporate cronies in Big Business that owned them rather than an era of support for poor, disenfranchised Blacks, who became nothing more than an afterthought at Lincoln Day dinners.

    Blacks were officially “freed” but essentially remained locked up “on the Plantation” via the segregationist Jim Crow system, where they languished without basic civil rights and were forced to wallow in a state of poverty, illiteracy, low-wage labor, political disenfranchisement and social neglect.

    With more Blacks moving out of the South and into the North after WW I, they slowly but surely became part of the Democrat coalition consisting of Labor, Farm, Urban Minority and Progressive Reform voters, which made lavish… and largely empty… promises of civil rights and social welfare; by the time of the New Deal, they had moved to the Democrat Party in order to take their share of the burgeoning Welfare State set up by FDR… a program which of course exacerbated and prolonged the Depression and made it “Great” – but that’s another story.

    During the 1950s and 1960s, much progress was made in the realm of securing civil rights for Black people, which was largely championed by the Republicans in the 50s and early 60s and by Democrats post-1964; the Civil Rights Act of 1964 ONLY passed because of Republicans, with many Democrat / Dixiecrats in FIRM opposition to it.

    Post-1964, the push for civil rights was replaced with a collectivist social and cultural program … which has now produced the deformities of “Political Correctness,” “Welfare Rights” and the ever-mutating, ever-expanding demands of “Social Justice,” a propaganda term that all adds up to a grotesque form of “reverse racism” of the type that sees BLACK students DEMANDING that their dorms be SEGREGATED from White students who, by virtue of their color, are dangerously “racist,” elitist, engage in micro-aggressions designed to subtly oppress them and who must be de-programmed by Liberal Professors of their WHITE PRIVILEGED.

    So it has all turned around… after fighting to get off the rural Agricultural Plantation that barely provided for their needs in an cruel exchange for the most brutal form of slave labor, Blacks were fed into the Jim Crow system that abounded with most of Slavery’s most heinous features in order to serve the political interests of BOTH the Republican AND Democrat Parties.

    Co-opted by the Left in the 1930s, the majority of Black voters have continued down a dead-end path that has led far too many of them into the clutches of the inner city “Welfare Plantation,” where they now dwell in a generational cycle of dependency, poverty, joblessness and destroyed families that account for a monstrous crime rate, low academic performance and a pervading sense of hopelessness for the future… and are endlessly lied to by those WHO CREATED THE DYSTOPIA that it is the Liberal Welfare State that “protects” them from the evil and “racist” Conservatives who want to liberate them from it.

    It is THIS perverse rationale that chains the Black vote to the Democrat Party.

    The terrible irony here is that the Democrats have indeed created a “Great Society” concerning Black People… except that the people it is “Great” for are those who gain the electoral benefit from it: Liberal Democrats.

    Therefore, the Liberals hypocrisy about the Trump / Carrier deal is no surprise; it is par for the course.

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