Why Most Republicans Want Delay Not Defund



Photo of the Capitol dome, home of those who live in the Ivory Tower

There is no path to defunding Obamacare, according to Republicans, but there is a slight chance they can delay the Individual Mandate. Establishment Republicans have chosen to go for delay over defund. For those of us who want them to stand strongly for something, it is a little disappointing, but perhaps it will be a brilliant tactic and not the weak-kneed one it appears to be.

Congressmen in general like their jobs and they don’t like waves. They worry about the next election.

Republicans are worried about losing the House and they hope to pick up seats in the Senate. It will be devastating to our freedoms if big spender Obama wins both.

Republicans believe they have a small chance at winning a delay because some Democrats want more time to work out the kinks in Obamacare. They believe the only thing to be achieved by attempting to defund is to make a statement.

They are aware that if Obamacare crashes, the Democrats want to roll it over into Single Payer. They are willing at that point to fight for a market-based system that includes the good that is in the Obamacare bill.

They are also going to seek to extend the spending bill as long as Obama agrees to keep sequestration since it has worked out so well. They believe some cuts, inartful as they are, are better than none.

The Republicans said they will not give in on the debt ceiling.

So round-and-round we go.