Why Some Are Saying Rep. Ryan Is More Concerned About Foreigners Than Citizens


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The House leadership remains undecided with the establishment pinning their hopes on Paul Ryan, who has said that the job of lawmakers is to put themselves in the shoes of foreigners. He was referring to illegal immigrants, not legal immigrants.

Rep. Paul Ryan will agree to serve as Speaker but only under certain conditions.

He must have the support of three groups inside the House Republican conference: the House Freedom Caucus, the Republican Study Committee and the moderate Tuesday Group, his spokesman, Brendan Buck, said.

Ryan also had a few more demands: He wants changes to House rules made as a team — a major demand of the House Freedom Caucus; he wants to make it harder to overthrow a sitting speaker; and he wants a better work-life balance than out-going House Speaker John Boehner had.

One of the concerns conservatives have about him is his perceived views on illegal immigration. Some don’t see him as strong on border control and they see him as a supporter of amnesty.

Rep. Ryan has the support of Harry Reid and open borders proponent Luis Gutierrez which would normally be the kiss of death, but most believe he can get the 218 votes needed to become Speaker of the House.

He is meeting with the House Freedom Caucus who are lukewarm to the idea of his assuming the role.

Ryan was an avid supporter of the Senate immigration bill and pushed for it in the House. One of the reasons Donald Trump and Ben Carson are popular is because they will do something about the massive illegal immigration while most of the establishment will not or at least that is the perception.

Breitbart News found several videos in which Ryan appears to promote policies they say will dissolve US sovereignty.

He was speaking to a Hispanic audience in one video and we’ve included it here.

In the video, he says the job of legislators is to put themselves in the foreigner’s shoes:

This is the American Dream. This is the American idea. Look, put yourself in another person’s shoes, which if you’re in elected office, that’s what you kind of have to do that almost every single day. The job we have–and what we do is we take different people’s perspectives. The gentleman from India who’s waiting for his green card. The DREAMer who is waiting. We take all these different perspectives. We process it through our values and our morals and our principles. And then we come up with the answer to try and solve this problem. That’s basically what we do in our jobs.

His argument for legalization is that it is not amnesty. The illegal immigrants will pay a fine, can not be felons, they must learn English, take a civics course, and after a probationary status and only then can they ask for a status adjustment.

He was grilled by Sean Hannity about the Senate bill. At the end, he explains that the border control can’t be done first.