Why Wisconsin Represents Real Hope & Change for a Divided Nation

Governor Walker

There is hope! And it rests with the great state of Wisconsin.

The Walker recall is about much more than one Governor. It is about a Governor who has the courage to stand up to bullies to save his state from financial ruin and thousands of layoffs.

He acted fairly and with dignity. In turn he was treated with threats, vile insults, occupation of the Capitol, and lewd acting-out behavior by thugs who actually, in their work lives, perform important roles in our society. I could ask myself what is wrong with them but that is for another article.

The recall petition lists were replete with fraud and forged signatures because these people, who perform important roles in Wisconsin society, abandoned their moral principles – Alinsky would be proud!

Polling data now shows that Governor Walker is leading in the polls. All hope rests with Wisconsin! This election is about so much more than one Governor in one state. It is about who we are as a people.

Wisconsinites — who have voted to re-elect a conservative state Supreme Court justice and to protect a Republican State Senate majority since Walker’s budget fix passed — now oppose replacing the governor by an 11-point margin:

Fifty-four percent of Wisconsinites oppose the recall of Gov. Scott Walker, according to the most recent polling data from Rasmussen Reports. In a phone survey of 500 likely voters, Rasmussen also said 52% at least somewhat approve of Walker’s job performance to date, while 46% at least somewhat disapprove. The findings include 40% who strongly approve and 40% who strongly disapprove. By party, the poll revealed that 78% of Republican voters strongly approve of Walker’s performance and 73% of Democrats strongly disapprove.

Among voters not affiliated with either major party, 58% at least somewhat approve of Walker’s performance, including 36% who strongly approve. Forty-three percent say they would vote to recall Walker and remove him from office, but 54% would vote against recall; 80% of the state’s Democratic voters would vote to remove Walker, but 89% of Republicans and 58% of unaffiliated voters would oppose that recall…Read more: Townhall

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