Widespread Anarchy As Baltimore Police Are Forced to Back Down to Mobs…video


Baltimore riots

Gangs and other agitators from outside Baltimore have been encouraging Baltimore youth to “purge” and riot.

The suggestions to “purge” came via social media, fliers, and other means. As a result, hundreds of youth have been rioting or “purging” throughout Baltimore. They started at 3:15pm.

There are roaming mobs who are hurling rocks and bricks at police, destroying police cars, and engaging in complete anarchy.

The police were forced to keep backing down for hours as the mobs of kids pushed ahead!

This could be more of the mayor’s policing technique to let domestic terrorists “destroy”.

At least seven police officers have been hurt, they have broken bones, one officer is unresponsive.

These kids who are rioting this afternoon were encouraged by evil actors and they appear to be having fun without realizing the seriousness of the situation. Police are calling for parents to get their kids home.

There are gangs involved. At least one group was very violent and aggressive.

Reportedly, three extremely dangerous gangs, the Bloods, Crips and Black Guerrilla Gangs have joined forces to “take out” police.

Many Baltimore stores have closed. A CVS and several other stores were being looted at about 5pm. A police car was burned on TV this afternoon.

The state police aren’t in Baltimore yet for some unknown reason and there are no organized lines. There is no sign of the National Guard. It’s complete anarchy.

Police who are protecting the public are being physically attacked and are being maligned by the media.

This is the breakdown of society.

The police are not engaging with the rioters who media are still calling protesters. They are just taking the abuse for the most part.

The police said during a press conference at about 4:30pm that they will be using tear gas and pepper balls. To start, they only used mace.

SWAT teams were moving in late afternoon and the numbers of police are growing.