Wikileaks: Algeria Paid $12 Million for Hillary to Attend a Meeting — Possible Arms Deal



Hillary attended a meeting with the King of Morocco and his invitees after the Foundation received $12 million from the King and the King in turn got an arms deal involving a Podesta client five months later in November 2015.


How would you like to pay $12 million for a meeting? Well, it might not have only been a meeting with Mrs. Clinton that they were looking for. We found out that Morocco also got an arms deal, possibly as the result of the meeting – jump to the end for that. Raytheon was the benefactor and Raytheon is a client of the Podesta Group

There is a rumor going around the Internet that Algeria made a donation to the Clinton Foundation and were taken off the terror watch list in a quid pro quo but Alergia was never on the terror watch list. The rumor was started by Joe Scarborough on MSNBC and went around again when it was discussed by Team Clinton in an email. Someone tweeted the convo and left the part out in which they say the only problem is Algeria was never on the watch list.

What Algeria did want is Hillary’s attendance at a meeting.

Just after Hillary dodged a debate question on her pay-to-play enterprise – the Clinton Foundation – an email was released showing the candidate herself was at the center of obtaining a $12 million commitment from King Mohammed VI of Morocco.

This was a charge made by top gun, Huma Abedin.

As it turns out, Hillary’s campaign said she didn’t attend but Bill and Chelsea did attend.

In the HRC email 2030, Huma explained Hillary would meet with Moroccan officials once they made their $12 million donation to the Clinton foundation. “This was HRCs idea…she created this mess and she knows it.”

Other nations that donated, like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, got arms deals like they’ve never gotten before.

Email 1:


Morocco might have also gotten the arms deal thanks to Hillary and the Podesta Group. Hillary left the State Department early in 2014, but her influence continued. This was approved by the State Department. How the deal contributes to US national security as they said in their announcement is unclear. Clinton’s Foundation has also accepted large donations from Raytheon, the benefactor of this deal. Raytheon is a client of the Podesta Group and they will supply the missiles.

Saudi Arabia is also a client of the Podesta Group which John owns with his brother. They too have received far more arms than ever before.

Email 2: