Wikileaks: Doug Band Emails About 500 Conflicts of Interest


In email 21978, Doug Band says he was required to sign a conflict of interest form but balked because William Jefferson Clinton did not. He is concerned he is being set up.

Band said in the email that he found over 500 conflicts of interest.

This was an email from Doug Band to John Podesta on November 17, 2011. Doug Band is president of  President Clinton and Teneo Holdings LLC, a consulting firm.

The 500 conflicts of interest could be 500 pay-to-play schemes but we will never know because no one will investigate.

The response from Hillary’s policy advisor Jake Sullivan was not to deny the authenticity of the Wikileaks emails but to blame the Russians.

Jake Sullivan claims Trump has “acted as Putin’s puppet, defending Russia and refusing to admit and condemn the Kremlin’s actions.”

“This behavior has gone from bizarre to disqualifying,” Sullivan said, adding that Trump’s advisers may have been aware of the hacked e-mails before WikiLeaks released them.

Clinton appears to have suggested the emails are legitimate in the last two debates and has never denied they are legitimate.

Excerpt from the email:



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