Wikistorming: Feminists Teach Students How to Put Bias Into Wiki


columbus needed the feminists Cartoon photo of Columbus and crew thanking the feminists for discovering America!

Fifteen schools including some Ivy Leagues are teaching students how to put leftist propaganda into one of the general public’s most popular reference sources – Wikipedia. Not that Wiki can be trusted to begin with, but it’s about to get worse.

Fem Tech Scholars, an organization of feminist scholars, is giving a for-credit course which directs students to put bias into Wiki articles about technology.

Will Al Gore have to relinquish his title as inventor of the Internet and turn it over to the feminists?

Technology is only the beginning. Who knows where it will go from here.

It is not known how it will look yet but for now we know it will mean putting the left-wing idea of ‘political’ truths into Wiki and that won’t necessarily be factual.

Students will get credit for inculcating left-wing bias! Fabulous!

Campus Reform, an organization that looks for bias in colleges, discovered this latest attempt to push college students towards the far left and to distort reference sources.

What a great lesson from our esteemed feminists! We should look into giving them uniforms too. Something with a brown shirt would be nice.

Check out the video: