Will Mr. Trump Listen to Us, or Obama? He’s Flipping on Obamacare Vow





There’s been much commentary that Donald Trump performed a miracle on Election Day. Speaker Paul Ryan, for just one example, called Mr. Trump’s victory “the most incredible political feat I have seen in my lifetime.”


Who really performed the Election Day miracle? 

Indeed, it was amazing, but it was We the People who achieved that feat. We reminded those in power who’s really in charge. Now, we can never let them forget it.

You cannot minimize Mr. Trump’s tireless campaigning and a genuine talent for talking directly to the American people about the issues they have been so angry about for so long. We truly have another “Great Communicator.”

Ronald Reagan was the first, in recent history. Such a president can get what he wants from Congress by taking his issues directly to the people.

Thus, Mr. Trump could be a truly great, transformative president.

Unquestionably, we dodged a high-caliber bullet by defeating Hillary Clinton, who was itching to carry on Obama’s dismantle-America mission and exceed it.


Socialism rejected at the ballot box 

There’s no doubt that the election results were our repudiation—in no uncertain terms—of the Obama/Clinton progressive socialist agenda. And do not be deceived: they and their minions have a burning hatred for Trump and for those who elected him. The Left will fight with all its strength any attempt to dismantle the gains they’ve made over the last ~eight years.

Obama’s legacy was already secure: he had eliminated millions of jobs with an avalanche of anti-coal and other regulations; decimated our military, degraded our prestige among nations. He systematically turned many blacks against the police—which caused shootings of cops in our cities; he made street theater a feature of American life.

We see that street theater in action now, as thousands mass to protest Trump’s election, in cities across the nation. Of course, there’s no question these actions were Left-organized—in all probability by the very people who publicly wish him well. Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party are doubtless tied to these protests: recall the revelations of Project Veritas Action, that Clinton herself had ordered DNC operatives to protest at Trump’s events, dressed as ducks


Remember who the enemy is

Let our president-elect keep that firmly in mind. Although he and FLOTUS-to-be Melania were received graciously in the White House, if there was a way Obama could have ordered a squad of marines to march in and shoot them to death, he would have done so with gusto, and millions of Leftists would’ve cheered. Or even better, he could have thrown them to the mob of protestors, to be torn to bits.

It’s self-evident, after seeing these protests of a free election, that America is at a tipping point and that Donald Trump was right: “Things have to change — and this [election was] our one chance to do it.


ObamaCare is a ticking time bomb that must be dismantled 

The biggest, and most dangerous thing Obama accomplished, the crowning achievement of the Left, was the passage of ObamaCare, which literally destroyed our health care system, and will one day make slaves of us all.

Clinton had promised to “rescue” ObamaCare with a “public option,” a government-run plan that would compete with the private plans, and eventually drive private companies out of the insurance market, leading to single payer health care. Comparisons with costs in the UK, where they have single payer, show that a similar system in America would cost over a trillion dollars a year.

Single payer was always the Democrats’ plan—Harry Reid admitted it—and so long as the government retains any control over our health care, the possibility of single payer will loom over the nation. The hallmarks of single payer are rationing, treatment delays and reduced survival rates in those with serious diseases.

Therefore, our first priority must be to drive a stake through the heart of ObamaCare. If it is not utterly destroyed, the next time Democrats are in charge, it’ll rise again. The Left is nothing, if not relentless.

The takeaway message from the election is that We the People hold the ultimate power. We must continue to wield that power, to make sure promises to us are kept.


The biggest promise of all must be kept 

Not only has our incoming president promised repeatedly to repeal and replace ObamaCare, the Congress has several times voted to repeal this hated law, but needed to win the White House in order to consummate their supposed mission. Now, we have given it to them; there is no further excuse.

Indeed, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell seem overjoyed about the dawning of a new day for the GOP—morning in America, if you will. On November 10th, the Wall Street Journal said:

“In separate news conferences, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) sounded upbeat about the prospects of advancing major goals to repeal President Barack Obama’s signature health-care law, to cut taxes, and to roll back regulations, especially those dealing with the environment.”


Trump’s worst advisor 

In stark contrast to this post-election ecstasy, Mr. Trump told CBS’s Lesley Stahl (show to air on  “60 Minutes,” Sunday, Nov. 13) that he was open to keeping the ObamaCare provisions that compel insurers to cover children until age 26 and to accept people with pre-existing conditions, also known as “guaranteed issue.” Note that Paul Ryan’s “Better Way” plan also retains those 2 provisions. When asked by Stahl, “Are you going to make sure that people with pre-existing conditions are still covered,” He replied:

“Yes, because it happens to be one of the strongest assets,” Trump said about the pre-existing condition provision, “It adds cost, but it’s very much something we’re gonna try and keep.”

Most disappointing was the revelation from The Wall Street Journal, reporting on an interview with the president-elect, published Friday:

“Mr. Trump said a big reason for his shift from his call for an all-out repeal was the meeting at the White House with Mr. Obama, who, he said, suggested areas of the Affordable Care Act … to preserve. ‘I told him I will look at his suggestions, and out of respect, I will do that,’ Mr. Trump said…”

It was immediately obvious, after his meeting with Obama at the White House, that Mr. Trump was overly impressed, which is entirely human, but he must learn and never forget that Obama is his mortal enemy and America’s. It’s time for a tête-à-tête with Steve Bannon and Mike Pence, and never to meet alone with Obama again. Mike Pence would be a good partner, until Mr. Trump gets his sea legs, on the Ship of State.

The outgoing president doesn’t get to set the agenda for the incoming president.


That’s not repealing and replacing 

Certainly Mr. Trump’s plan to keep those two provisions is not “repealing and replacing” ObamaCare, as he put it countless times in interviews. It’s also a violation of his Contract for America, where he swore to *Fully* repeal Obamacare and replace it with Health Savings Accounts, the ability to purchase health insurance across state lines, and let[ting] states manage Medicaid funds.” [Emphasis added.]

He must have a health-care expert on staff, and needs to confer with that person before making sweeping statements on national TV.

Ideally, the new health care system would be market-based, with minimal regulation from government.


Bells and whistles are not free 

Health care coverage is not like buying a new car—where the dealer can “throw in” a set of carpets—someone else has to pay for flashy insurance features. The promise to compel insurers to accept people with pre-existing conditions is going to cost them an enormous amount of money—which clients will have to pay for, in higher premiums. Covering children until they’re 26 costs each subscriber upward of $400 a year. The pre-exist coverage costs far more; figures are not available. The only way to soften this cost is to have an enormous risk pool of insureds—many of whom are healthy.

If not enough of them are in the insurance market, it will lead to constantly rising premiums to prevent a death spiral. High premiums for all will discourage young, healthy people from buying insurance. The pool of enrollees will thus become progressively older and less healthy. That means some kind of mandate will be needed. How different is that from ObamaCare?

Ezekiel Emanuel, the so-called architect of ObamaCare, said today on Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures, with Maria Bartiromo:

“It is possible to keep the children up to age 26…on their parents’ insurance plan; it is not possible, let me repeat: not possible to have a pre-existing condition exclusion—preventing insurance companies from excluding people with things like multiple sclerosis, cancer and heart attack—and not to have an individual mandate if you want a functioning insurance system….It is a law of insurance.”

If Mr. Trump insists on including this provision, he will need a mandate, and there will be no real change from Obamacare. This will damage his reputation with voters, and produce another failed health care plan. A free-market system, with minimal government involvement should be his guide. This is a complex problem requiring expert advice.


Other solutions 

A solution for people who have costly-to-treat conditions is for the federal government to encourage establishment of more high-risk pools (some already exist), and to help fund them. These are nonprofit entities that guarantee access for those who’ve been refused insurance for health reasons, forced to pay very high premiums or had pre-existing conditions excluded; or people with conditions such as cancer, diabetes or AIDS.

They’d pay higher, but affordable premiums. The remaining cost of premiums would be met at public expense.  The advantage of high-risk pools is, the high cost of claims for those in poor health does not distort the entire marketplace with soaring premiums, as ObamaCare has; in fact, premiums would go down, since the uncertainty of covering the sickest people has been removed from the cost scheme funded by normal premiums.

As premiums go down, more young and healthy people will buy insurance, lowering premiums even more.

People can avoid being caught without insurance if Mr. Trump championed truly portable policies that are owned by the insured.

But simply ordering insurance companies to eat the cost of pre-existing conditions is what we have now; how is that repealing ObamaCare?

Let those in Washington remember: they will need our support again. If they violate our trust now, we will not forget it.

We must let the president-elect and the congressional leaders know immediately that we expect them to keep their promises. Remember: the one fear politicians have is an aroused public.

Contact them, be respectful but express your disappointment and your expectations.


The president-elect: @realDonaldTrump | Senate Majority Leader McConnell’s chief of staff: Brian McGuire ‪@btpmcguire Phone: (202) 224-2541 | Speaker Paul Ryan: @SpeakerRyan Phone: (202) 225-0600



  1. I do not believe Trump has changed his plans regarding health care. He has always said there does need to be provisions made for people with pre-existing conditions.

    Whether that means offering them catastrophic plans or perhaps like auto insurers handle bad drivers, have something similar to a high risk pool.

    As to being suckered in by Obama, I do not think that is likely. No doubt, Obama gave him a good sales pitch in his best, silver tongued manner. Maybe even pleaded with Trump to not shred the signature piece of crap legislation pf which Obama blew his huge political capitol on during his first, two years.

    Trump’s answer was diplomatic that not being the time nor place to pack salt into what has to be Obama’s gaping wounds. And while I do not expect unraveling this monstrosity of a law will be easy, unravel it Trump will.

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