Don’t Profile But Faisal Mohammed Is the One Who Stabbed 4 People on a College Campus


AK UC Merced Stabbing 3

A terrorist or a madman named Faisal Mohammed rampaged through the University of California’s Merced campus, stabbing four people, smiling as he did it according to eyewitnesses. A guard showed up – with a gun – and shot him dead, ending the spree.

The MSN and all the media are calling it campus violence but one has yet to hear that it might possibly be a terrorist attack despite the fact that terrorist knifings are now very popular in Israel.

We can’t profile!

Will the FBI look for Tea Party connections? Was he a member of the National Knife Association or a Baptist?

His roommate Andrew Velasquez told The Daily Mail that the 18-year old attacker was a loner who was anti-social.

The suspect, a Freshman at the school, was brandishing a hunting knife that appeared to be 8 to 10 inches long, according to the sheriff.

Faisal Mohammed
Faisal Mohammed

He was wearing all black at the time of the attack.

“He had like a sweatshirt, and the hoodie was up… and it covered his whole face,” student Blanca Ayala said.

The suspect carried a black backpack. He was shot by a campus police officer on Scholars Bridge, which cuts through the middle of campus.

It was fortunate a man with a gun showed up at that time.

The violence unfolded about 8 a.m. PT in the school’s Classroom and Office Building. The suspect was taken down relatively quickly by good fortune.

Two of the victims were airlifted to the hospital and one is still hospitalized. A construction worker, two students, and a school staff member were knifed – not shot. All are expected to recover.

The victims included a co-worker of Jacob Rodriguez, who was painting a wall in the hallway across from the classroom where the incident started, NBC News online reported.

“We thought it was a fight going on and we heard people screaming,” he told NBC News. “My co-worker opened the door to see if there was a fight going on and if they needed help. He said the teacher looked at him and said ‘no,’ and then the guy ran out and attacked my co-worker.”

“He attacked my co-worker and then he came towards me and I grabbed a ladder and put a ladder between me and the guy and he ran off downstairs,” he said.

He said he and a third worker went over to a balcony and looked down as the suspect ran into the street. They saw him stab another student and a woman, who was knifed in the back and the chest, he said.

“It was kind of like is it real or a Halloween prank?” Rodriguez said.

Byron Price with his fiance
Byron Price with his fiance

The LA Times reported that construction worker Byron Price is credited with having probably reduced the scale of carnage.

He was working in a nearby room when he heard what he thought was a brawl with the sound of chairs crashing and people screaming, and decided to see if he could help calm things down.

When he opened the door of the classroom the shouting was coming from, the stabber charged Price. Price dropped to the floor and managed to kick the perpetrator in the head, while the perpetrator stabbed Price in the side, then ran out of the room.

The attacker ran down the stairs, attempting to stab more students as he fled, then rushed out of the building and attacked a member of the University staff, stabbing her several times. The attacker then fled across the Scholar’s Lane pedestrian bridge at the center of campus, where two campus police officers gave chase shot and killed him.

Mohammed had burst into a classroom with a hunting knife and Price probably kept him from killing an intended target when he opened the door.

Price drove himself to the hospital. He appears to be a hero but the MSN doesn’t like the story so few will probably know about his heroism.

It’s hard to find information in the mainstream about Faisal and some claim CNN removed the story. I did find it on the left column down the page on CNN but it was a post from November 4th and the updated one which had to be hunted down and which was posted after midnight only mentioned Faisal was considered a loner – no name was listed.



  1. Is it too much to assume, given the PC climate rampaging across college campuses (especially in California) that this attack will at least be classified as a macro-aggression?

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