Wisconsin Added Half the Jobs in the Nation


$35 million, that’s the amount unions spent on the Wisconsin recall elections. They only won two of the six races which left them one short of state senate control. That money was in large part from dues collected from the hard working members of these unions.

The union bosses wanted to defeat Governor Walker’s agenda, which included their loss of collective bargaining “rights,” often used to the detriment of the Wisconsin economy.

The union members should be glad they have jobs.

According to the latest Labor Department statistics, Wisconsin added 9,500 net jobs last month using seasonally adjusted numbers. In the private sector, 12,900 jobs were created, the largest one-month gain since September 2003, the first year of former Governor Jim Doyle’s administration. In fact, half the jobs in the country have been created in Wisconsin.

Job creation and hiring is up considerably in Wisconsin.

Manufacturing continued seeing job growth with 800 more jobs added in June.. That’s 14,100 new manufacturing jobs created this year. Read more here: McIver Institute, James Widgerson


Here President Obama talks briefly about being on the right track for jobs and an improved economy. Obviously, that’s not true. Instead of working against leaders like Governor Walker, maybe he should see what he is doing to improve his state’s economy. Governor Walker could actually tell him how to get “real” jobs, not the imagined ones on the WH site.