Wisdom from Don King: Keep Your Eye on the Ball


Are we going to vote based on locker room talk or on open borders, Single Payer, decades of Clinton deception, national security violations, the battle between Socialism and Capitalism. He wants us to think of our rights and taking this system apart.

Don King thinks Donald Trump’s banter with Billy Bush was disgusting and reprehensible, but he passionately believes it has nothing to do with fitness to hold the highest office in the land.

We got King Saturday in NYC outside the London hotel … and he says voters should focus on a broken system and who is most likely to fix it.

One thing’s true … there’s a rich history of actual sitting Presidents getting it on in The White House … and they’re among the most popular.


  1. King is as big of a dog towards woman as Donald Trump is. Like Mr. Sharpton pointed out Trump is a White Don King. Both are perverted and think of woman as sex objects. Just ask many of his former workers how they were sexually harassed at his company.

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