Woman Held Captive for Ten Years Escapes in Santa Ana


[AP] Ten years ago, the 15-year old girl was drugged, kidnapped and imprisoned by her mother’s ex-boyfriend, Isidro Garcia, now 41.

Isidro Garcia

He changed their names and moved them around to keep from being detected. He told her that her family wasn’t looking for her and if she tried to tell authorities, they’d both be sent back to Mexico.

At the time of her abduction, she had only recently entered the United States illegally.

After a number of years of rape and torture, she was allowed to live somewhat of a normal life and in the public eye. Those who knew them thought they were a loving couple. In 2012, he forced her to marry him and they had a daughter. They worked low-level jobs and entertained in their apartment.

She tried to escape twice but was beaten severely. She was the victim of domestic abuse.

These maniacs think alike. It’s very similar to the case of three girls – Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight – who were held captive for a decade and freed themselves from a house in Cleveland last year.

The now-25-year old woman found her sister on Facebook and they communicated. She discovered that her mother was looking for her.

She started thinking about her own child’s situation and realized she needed to leave. On Monday, she went to police and reported that she was a victim of domestic abuse. She also told them of her abduction.

Police arrested Garcia on Monday during a traffic stop in Bell Gardens. On Tuesday, Santa Ana police arrested him on the kidnapping and other charges, and also interviewed him. He will be arraigned Thursday.