Woman Threw Her Unborn Baby in the Dumpster After an Illegal Abortion


Purvi Patel of Indiana took an abortion-inducing drug at about 25 weeks gestation and then threw the baby in a dumpster after she gave birth.

She was arrested in July after going to an ER. At first, she denied she had given birth but later admitted the truth.


She said the baby wasn’t breathing so she put the baby in a bag and threw it in the garbage dumpster behind her family’s restaurant.

The jury found her guilty of felony child neglect and feticide charges Tuesday.

She’s currently in custody.

Patel bought the abortion drugs illegally online. She was pregnant by a married man.

Patel sent a text to a friend that read, “Just lost the baby. I’m going to clean up my bathroom floor and then go to Moe’s.”

Moe’s is where she dumped the baby.

The forensic pathologist said the baby suffocated to death.

Did the baby die in the garbage bag she used to throw him/her away? Testimony at the trial discussed at length whether the child was or was not alive when born.

There was no evidence the child took a breath or was viable, according to a doctor who was paid to testify for the defense.

A pathologist determined Patel’s fetus had been born alive by using a “float test,” which tests for air in the lungs, but the method is not widely accepted in the scientific community for establishing whether a fetus was born alive.

The gestational age was somewhere between 23 and 30 weeks according to testimony.

At least one liberal website disapproved of her being convicted.

That’s who we are now.

Patel could get 70 years in prison or nothing.