In World News, 86% of Swedish Migrant Children Are Adults

According to newly released data from the Swedish National Board of Forensic Medicine (RMV), up to 86% of Sweden’s so-called “child migrants” could be adults.
Swedes are being taken for a ride. The migrants and jihadists are obviously invading and taking advantage of the Swedish peoples’ generosity.
They’ve been medically testing “child” migrants to ascertain their biological age in mid-March, 2017.  They checked out their wisdom teeth and wear on knee joints.
What they found was of the 1,481 child asylum applications forwarded, 1,215 applicants were biologically adults.  That is, 86% of Sweden’s “migrant children” were likely over the age of 18.
In addition, the vast majority of them were males of fighting age—only 33 of the “underage” asylum-seekers were women.
They don’t look like children which leads one to believe the Swedes wanted to be tricked into taking in liars and invaders.



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