Worst GOP Debate Moment Ever Witnessed by This Pollster


Pollster Frank Luntz said he has to talk about the lowest moment he has seen on a debate stage since he began in 1996.

“A month ago we showed you the highest debate moment that we have ever tested since 1996. Well, tonight, I have to show you the lowest moment,” he said. “The moment our New Hampshire voters said, they’ve heard enough.”


It was the most liberal comment, one woman in the focus group said.

Words to describe him were “boring, tiring, irritating, finished”, Chris Christie should have been there, not him, another said and many agreed. Another woman said he sounded like Obama when he said he’d decide who the losers would be.

He interrupted too much and was very rude, others said.

People are tired of hearing about what they did and their background, they want substance.

They believe Rubio and Cruz came off as the best candidates.