Wow!Freddie Grey Alleged to Have Had A History of ‘Crash for Cash Schemes’


A prosecutor in the Freddie Gray case is alleged to have hidden exculpatory evidence in the case against six Baltimore police officers. Police detectives investigating the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore were told that he had a history of participating in “crash-for-cash” schemes, i.e., injuring himself in law enforcement settings to collect settlements.

The defense attorneys were allegedly told by a state prosecutor, Janice Bledsoe, to squash that information and let defense find it on their own.

Bledsoe represented Gray in a 2012 drug case.

If the truth has to be stretched like this, these officials are just trying to make a name for themselves and should be drummed out of law enforcement.

Six officers have been charged with very serious crimes in this case and one is being tried for murder. Do we want justice or a disparate outcome?

This is socialist social justice for you, if accurate.

The defense has argued that Prosecutor Mosby has repeatedly failed to provide large amounts of evidence through normal discovery. As usual, Mosby had no comment.

When the prisoner who rode in the van with Gray was first interviewed, he said that it sounded like Gray was trying to hurt himself. He changed his story later on.

six officers charged

Officer Caesar R. Goodson Jr., the driver of the van, is charged with second-degree depraved-heart murder. Sgt. Alicia D. White, Lt. Brian W. Rice and Officer William G. Porter are charged with manslaughter. Officers Edward M. Nero and Garrett E. Miller, who were involved in Gray’s initial arrest, face lesser charges, including second-degree assault.

All have pleaded not guilty. A trial is scheduled to begin in October.

Baltimore was the scene of violent riots after Freddie Gray died from a broken neck. Police were made to stand down during the protests/riots, allowing scores of businesses to suffer extensive damage.

They marched and rioted on behalf of Freddie Gray who, as it turns out, might have died from a con of his own making. I’m just saying’.

Of course we wish Freddie was still alive.

burning looting in Baltimore riots in Baltimore

Because of this alleged police brutality case, the federal government has been able to seize control over the Baltimore police department and inflict their leftist nonsense on them, like sending ice cream trucks around on Mother’s Day.

Crime in Baltimore is skyrocketing and that is a direct result of the lack of support by the Baltimore authorities – police are afraid to do their jobs. The government officials couldn’t wait to throw them under the bus as they accepted help from extremists funded by George Soros et al.


Source: Baltimore Sun


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