WOW! Hillary Fills Up Almost Half A Small Room in Ohio!


Hillary at SingSing

Hillary filled less than half a small room at her Thursday event in Ohio. It was a very select crowd in attendance to be fair. It was all the Democratic women in Ohio who like her. They scoured far and wide and rounded them all up.

Hillary Clinton hasn’t drawn big crowds anywhere she goes and they are growing even more minuscule. At the Democratic Women for Hillary event, the Democratic women didn’t come out for Hillary.

Only a day after planning more spontaneity, humor and joy, she has become more spontaneous, humorous and joyful. In this next video, she’s being very joyful and spontaneous with this adorable little girl.

She also pulled the granny card. She’s so warm, so humorous, so joyful! This is only hours after she cried about missing her mom.

DEGENERES: “You are a grandmother. You have a granddaughter. How old is Charlotte now?”

CLINTON: “Yes. She is — she is going to be 1 year old on September 26. On my way here, I stopped by to see her so I could catch a glimpse. They change so fast. She’s doing all kinds of interesting and exciting things.”

DEGENERES: “What does she call you?

CLINTON: “Nothing yet. She doesn’t have that many words yet. I’m waiting to see what she wants to call me. If I like it, I will say, yeah, that’s a good one. If not, I will have to work on what else she can call me.”

DEGENERES: “What would you like to be called?

CLINTON: “I’m fine with grandma. I’m fine with madam president. Whatever.” [Cheers and applause]

DEGENERES: “That’s a mouthful for a child. That would be great if those were her first words, madam president. Do you sing to her?

CLINTON: “Yes. Just like I sang to my daughter. I sang to my daughter until she was about 18 months old. It’s a ritual.

DEGENERES: “What do you sing?

CLINTON: “All kinds of things. Old favorites. At that time, I sang “Moon river” because we were looking at the moon. She reached her finger up and goes, “No sing, mommy. No sing.” She developed an ear. So I figure I have another eight or six or seven months”.

Her first words might actually be SingSing after granny gets sent there for compromising national security.


  1. Our great nation can’t afford another 4 years of the stupidity, arrogance, theft, lying, cheating, etc. that has become the Democratic party’s signature dance. Wake up and rise up, against any more tyranny.

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