WOW! Hillary Flees 9/11 Ceremony But Collapses on Way to Van…videos – Updates



UPDATE: 5:25PM EST: Hillary allegedly has pneumonia, diagnosed on Friday, according to her doctor who issued a statement on Sunday [after Hillary lost control of her body at the 9/11 ceremony in New York]. It even – conveniently – explains her cough and takes in her allergies.

Today she allegedly became dehydrated.

“Secretary Clinton has been experiencing a cough related to allergies. On Friday, during follow up evaluation of her prolonged cough, she was diagnosed with pneumonia,” her doctor Lisa Bardack said. “She was put on antibiotics, and advised to rest and modify her schedule [convenient]. While at this morning’s event, she became overheated and dehydrated. I have just examined her and she is now re-hydrated and recovering nicely,” Politico reported.

The doctor examined her at her home in Chappaqua Sunday afternoon. Hillary is due in California for fundraisers on Monday and Tuesday because making money beats pneumonia.

On September 12 at 2:13, abc news radio claimed there are serious questions about both candidates health.

Did she have pneumonia in February?


Hopefully Mrs. Clinton will recover well from her “medical episode” today at the 9/11 memorial ceremony in New York but we need her medical records more than ever – un-redacted medical records. She “left abruptly” one hour in to the ceremony, according to a statement, because she was “overheated.” However, she was wearing a warm suit jacket.

It was 82 degrees in New York.

As she was rushed out, she stumbled backwards and seemed unable to control herself as she got near the curb, then she fell forward and went down, her shoe coming off. A law enforcement witness 15 feet away said she appeared to “faint”.

It didn’t exactly look like a faint — more like a fit of some type. She lost control of her legs.

This is the sequence from left to right:


This video was added after this article was posted but it’s closer up and better shows that she didn’t have control over her body. Was it a faint? Or some manifestation of a disease? If people faint, they don’t usually wobble around, they fall.

Watch this video, she fell back before reaching the curb and then fell forward.

Here’s a third video we added after posting.

She needed significant help to get into her van.

It’s hard to know if she fainted or had some type of fit or seizure.

The “objective” media was very defensive and turned any reasonable comments or inquiries into what they suggested were unreasonable concerns by conspiratorial types. There was at least an hour of media silence on her “spell”.

The media calls it a conspiracy theory to talk about her health but something is wrong with her.

There have been many episodes suggesting she has health problems and they need to be better explained than by a summary from one general practitioner. We aren’t wishing her ill health but we need to know what is going on with her.

Remember the following? It’s not normal. I know, it’s pneumonia!

Mrs. Clinton was taken to her daughter’s apartment and emerged around noon smiling and talking to children. “It’s a beautiful day in New York,” Clinton yelled to press waiting across the street. Then she was gone.


  1. Wow, Sara, where did that video come from, I was flipping through the news channels when this broke, CNN and MSNBC did not show this if they even have it, they just dove right into ITS THE HEAT, I hope FOX gets ahold of it, the people need to see this, I hope too she is ok, but I really think she has something wrong with her other than allergies and heat flashes! notice the woman to Hillary’s left is holding her by the arm and it appears Hillary is leaning against that post on the sidewalk!!!

    • I grabbed the video from Twitter. The media will ignore it and insult anyone who doesn’t. I think Fox showed it earlier – I caught only a glimpse of what might have been the video. I only post the articles about her health because I believe there is something wrong with her.

      She had a lot of people helping her – at one point, she had her arm around a man and I think the black man helping her is the handler some think is a doctor.

  2. John, Zigmont, check the article out again – I added a new video with a better video close up. It looks like a manifestation of a disease – if you faint, you pass out, you don’t wobble around.

  3. The second video is more revealing, she would have hit the ground without help, if it was heat related why is no one fanning her, or offering water? I wonder how CNN/HLN feel now about firing DR. Drew ???

    • She has an illness of some kind. What causes a loss of control over her body – MS or Parkinson’s or did she have a stroke? I don’t know, I’m no doctor, but she has something wrong with her.

      Check it out – I updated – she allegedly has pneumonia.

  4. She walked out of her daughters apt. building with a huge smile, took a picture with a little girl, hopped into the van and went home, and the the doctor examined her at her home in Chappaqua Sunday afternoon with pneumonia, ,re-hydrated and recovering nicely, if she goes to California Monday for a fundraiser, I call BULLSHIT, everyone I have known to get pneumonia ends up in a hospital or is told to stay in bed and rest!!!!! just like that,,,,,, recovering nicely,,,, OK!!!!!

    • I’ve had pneumonia twice and while pneumonia is different for people, I never had my legs buckle under me. She has two fundraisers lined up Monday and Tuesday – I’m betting she makes those.

      Did she have pneumonia in February when her legs buckled? When her eyes rolled back and her head started bobbing uncontrollably over Chai tea, did she have pneumonia. When she starts staring into space and looks blank, is it the same? She’s had a cough since 2008 and that’s not common for allergies – I have those too.

      I don’t believe it but who knows.

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