Wow! Look at This Election Map by County


This map by counties is astounding. It’s a sea of red with little islands of blue. You can almost pick out every urban center by the blue and they are often the areas where Americans are suffering the most. Demographics contributes to the areas in blue.

We posted an article about the movement for the National Popular Vote earlier to warn people of a potential danger to our Republic which would force the electoral college to go with the urban centers.

This map came from The New York Times.



  1. How pathetic Americans can be every 4 years. As a 55 year Republican voter it remains obvious that the Democrats continue to be the biggest sore losers. I also would not want any party president to be longer then 8 years. Just imagine their is far more contempt for Obama then any president in history per capita. Yet you do not see anywhere near the level of anger from Repubs. May be you liberals need to produce a Liberal type of Trump who is not crooked. Grow up!

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