WOW! Only $150Mil in Taxpayer Money to Make Nothing!


Thanks to President Obama, we gave a Michigan hybrid battery plant $150 million in taxpayer dollars to make batteries for the Volt. The workers didn’t get to make a single battery prior to being “furloughed.”

Remember this company – Compact Power – and DON’T INVEST in it. They are a division of LG Chem and they made no batteries with out money though that was their charge.

The union, ever-so-helpful, has been badgering the company with work stoppages.

They did create jobs for 200 workers with our $150 million.

Sounds like the money would have been better spent giving it to the “evil” oil companies which actually produce something.

This wasteful investment was part of “RECOVERY SUMMER.”

Obama’s groundbreaking ceremony in July 2010 heralded the new batteries that would come out of the plant for the Volt and the Ford electric Focus. Alas, none came.

The following is your government touting a future failed investment, go to 2:37:

Usually there is some effort to make the investors money work before failing but this is the government.

I can’t wait until they are in charge of our healthcare.

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