WOW! Scary! Democrats “LUST” for Bernie Sanders


bernie sanders crazy

If you don’t watch the Sunday news shows, you might want to start. The trend is alarming. The angry old commie, Bernie Sanders, is what the Democratic party wants now apparently. If a Republican presidential candidate was as weird as this guy, it would be front page news but because he’s running as a Democrat, he’s lovable and cuddly or even “hot”.

Last week, Joy Behar said she found herself turned on by Bernie Sanders, this week we find out from Chuck Todd that the Democratic party LUSTS for Bernie Sanders.

There is no question that the people who support Bernie Sanders are enthralled by him. There is also no doubt that the man is a Communist masquerading as a Socialist. It’s pretty unnerving to hear that the Democratic party is now in his camp.

Listen to this exchange on Meet the Press:

ALEX CASTELLANOS: “But, you know, that’s the soul of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is not just looking for their candidate, but they found their campaign. It is the campaign against the elite.”

CHUCK TODD: “He is the passion. You said that Democrats—“

ALEX CASTELLANOS: “— income inequality.”

CHUCK TODD: “—love Hillary Clinton. I disagree. I think they lust for Bernie Sanders.”


CHUCK TODD: “I think they’ll go marry, and bring home to mom and dad, Hillary.”

Then Mark Halperin on Face the Nation said if Bernie were to win the nomination and then the election, it would be a total revolution with a takeover of the Congress.

Sadly, he’s right and the thought should terrify Americans who value their freedom, though for now, that’s highly unlikely but the trend is not good.