Writer Gets Carpal-Tunnel From Writing About All the Crooked Democrats


Do as I say, not as I do.

I read the headline “Corruption Probes Hitting Democrats Across the Country” and it made my blood boil.

These elected officials profess their stance on a particular issue and then they are caught doing exactly what they are preaching against!!!   I always say that the ones screaming the loudest are only trying to draw attention away from themselves and the proof is in the pudding.

Take California State Senate Leland Yee, who was pushing for gun-control yet he who was caught trying to connect an undercover agent with an international arms dealer.  His party is the party that believes you shouldn’t own a gun but he will gladly sell arms to our enemies.  Can you say “Hyprocrite”?

Just in California alone, Yee’s case marked the third arrest or conviction in as many months of a state Democratic official.

In January, a Los Angeles Jury found Democrat State Senator, Rod Wright, guilty on eight felony counts of perjury and voter fraud.  Yet, it is the Democrats screaming that Voter ID is a “racial” thing.  Perhaps if Voter ID was law in California, he wouldn’t be sitting behind bars right now for voter fraud.

The other California Democrat in the hot seat is Senator Ron Calderon, who was indicted on federal corruption charges in February.  Prosecutors say Calderon accepted about $100,000 for himself and family members in exchange for promoting legislation to expand Hollywood tax credits and protect the interest of a hospital that benefited from a provision of the workers’ compensation law.    His party is the party of tax-the-rich, unless of course, the rich are the ones giving him a bribe!  Go figure.

This is just in California. If we turn our attention to other parts of the Country, we find Illinois State Democrat Keith Farnham.   He took a “tough” stance against child pornography, sponsored two bills to increase harsher penalties for anyone possessing it only to be caught red-handed with it his home and district office.  I sure hope that the laws he sponsored will apply to him and he goes directly to jail for a very long time.

If we move our cursor over to Rhode Island, we will find Democrat House Speaker, Gordon Fox, is resigning from leadership a day after federal and state authorities raided his Statehouse office and home as part of a criminal investigation. Although they will not state what they were looking for and I know that we are all innocent until proven guilty in a court of law,  it almost seems to me that his resignation speaks for itself.  It’ll be interesting to find out what he is trying to run away from.

Further south, we find the mayor of the District of Columbia, a Democrat, who is facing his own problems. A U.S. attorney claimed earlier this month that Mayor Vincent Gray knew about an illegal, $668,000 “shadow campaign” that helped propel him into office four years ago.  Although he denies the claim and has not been formally charged, remember, his party is the party that is pushing “campaign finance reform”.

And let’s not forget about the Big Apple and Democrat Congressman Tim Bishop who is under an ethics investigation because he helped to obtain government permits for a constituent for cash.   The man wanted a private fireworks show but needed the permits in order to do so.  That’s when he called Congressman Tim Bishop for some help.   The man got his fireworks show and Tim Bishop got $10,000 for his “efforts”.   Again, the Democrats are pushing for Campaign Finance reform, unless, of course, they are on the receiving end!   Did I mention this constituent lives in Southampton, NY? .

I’m sure Bishop’s defense will be that he was just spreading the wealth  (right into his own wallet).  Whatever his lame excuse is, it is just plain wrong for an elected official to “do me a favor” in exchange for “contributions”.

We only covered 5 of the 50 States and there are so many more examples to cite, however,  I think I’m getting carpal-tunnel from all this writing about these crooked Democrats.

I just wish our elected officials would  Practice What they Preach!!