Wrongful Birth Suits, Here and Abroad

Immoral People Make Tort Reform Necessary

Why would anyone become a doctor? They have targets on their backs. And, would someone explain to me how a birth can ever be wrongful? What have we become?

Back in 2002, a German doctor was sued by a patient whose son was born with deformed legs, no hands or lower arms. The parents won about a half million dollars because the doctor did not diagnose the problem pre-birth so they could have aborted the baby.

The German Doctors’ Association condemned the decision: “It is particularly alarming that precisely those regulations on pregnancy termination, which have only just been changed in order to prevent selecting out disabled life, are being abused and used more like an instrument of selection of human life. This understanding of human life stands in most crass contradiction to professional medical ethics and the values of a humane society. … The aim of medical treatment is to heal, alleviate or prevent illnesses and disabilities—not to kill the sick and disabled.”  Read here: Lifesitenews

Fast Forward to today. An almost identical case right here in Florida, with the mother of a deformed child winning $4.5 million, most to be paid by a doctor and the remaining to be paid by the technician, because the doctor didn’t diagnose the problem. It’s important to note that the mother refused an amniocentesis which could have picked up the disability. The mother claims she would have aborted the baby if she had known. The child’s mother, Ana Mejia, feels absolutely justified morally. The juries in these cases feel sorry for the claimants and don’t follow the rule of law. Read here: Wrongful birth in Florida