WSJ Reporter Calls for Counsel to Force FBI, DoJ to Comply with Orders


Wall Street Journal editorial board member Kimberley Strassel wants a special counsel to force the FBI, DoJ, Robert Mueller to comply with Congressional orders. They are the ones obstructing justice.

She argues that the media is so focused on possible obstruction of justice charges against President Trump that they are missing the most obvious obstruction: “the coordinated effort to thwart congressional probes of the role law enforcement played in the 2016 election.”

On ‘Fox & Friends’ Tuesday,  Strassel said the FBI and DoJ must be forced to comply with the congressional investigations and orders. Congress has oversight but FBI Director Christopher Wray made it clear during last week’s testimony that he would not provide the requested documents.

FBI Director Christopher Wray refused to hand over classified documents to the House Judiciary Committee, despite the fact that the committee has primary oversight authority over the Justice Department, the FBI and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

“They’ve continued to stonewall Congress for months now,” Strassel said.

“There appears to be an enormous effort by the Justice Department and FBI to not come clean about their actions in 2016,” she added.



  1. Sessions Exploring Special Counsel For Demoted DOJ Official Tied To Fusion GPS, CIA…………….”I’ve put a Senior Attorney, with the resources he may need, to review cases in our office and make a recommendation to me”…………. HHHHMMMM get with it Sessions, the American people are sick of this s**t

  2. The FBI, though replete with ethical and honest agents, is peppered with unethical and dishonest upper management and stooges for the liberal agenda, Hillary and Obama. They are protecting themselves. Drain the swamp that lies within the FBI.

    The DoJ is replete with Obama appointees and holdovers from way back. Drain the swamp that lies within the DoJ.

    Neither of these entities should be above the law or entitled to ignore the oversight they are legally bound to by the structure of our government.

    Jeff Sessions is a pussy disguised as AG.

  3. How is a “special counsel” more powerful than its master?
    Congress and the Executive branch just need to stop hiding and use the power they already have.

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