WTH Is This White Hispanic Stuff???



“When we hear news we should always wait for the sacrament of confirmation.”

 ~ Voltaire

When The NY Times discovered that George Zimmerman wasn’t 100% White (they only paid attention to his name I guess), they started calling him a White-Hispanic as opposed to Hispanic, which is how he defined himself when he registered to vote as a Democrat. In the schools, when someone is half minority, we allow the person to pick the nationality and that is how they are recorded on the rolls for the state education department.

I think the NY Times wanted to paint Zimmerman as White as possible to buoy their racial case against him. They wanted to rush to judgment in this case as opposed to handling the case responsibly.

This is ludicrous really. Shall we refer to people as Protestant Americans or Austrian Americans or short Americans? We are all Americans, period. I am proud to be an American and I don’t need any other identity nor do I reject anyone because of their religion, race or creed. People with questionable motives are using the Martin tragedy for their own self-interests.