Yahoo Writer Bullies GoFundMe over Dana Loesch’s Memories Pizza Fundraising


Dan Tynan is a tech writer for Yahoo News and he appears to be making a stab at tearing down Dana Loesch, Lawrence B. Jones, and GoFundMe for their fundraising efforts on behalf of Memories Pizza. He appears to have an agenda.


Dan Tynan, pictured above, describes himself as a “modern family columnist for Yahoo”.

This is the mean-spirited tweet he sent out on April 2nd:

Dan Tynan is questioning the charitable efforts of Dana Loesch on behalf of Memories Pizza and on behalf of individual liberty. He is even questioning an apolitical website that merely collects and dispenses charitable funds – GofundMe.

So-called reporter Dan Tynan requested detailed information about the account for Memories Pizza from GoFundMe and gave them the impression there’d be repercussions if they didn’t. 

Listen to this discussion on narrative journalism – an absurdity in terms but that’s what mainstream journalism is now – a narrative.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Tynan is now on the run.

This is one of my favorite response tweets:

Tynan is denying it and he says he just made a sincere attempt to confirm the story, however when asked to discuss it with Dana Loesch, his initial response was “no thanks.”

Why go after people innocently fundraising?

The battle continues on Twitter. It remains to be seen if Loesch can get Tynan on her show.

Yesterday, Bill O’Reilly was discussing the Iranian nuclear deal with Brit Hume and said he trusts Iran more than he trusts the mainstream press. People like Dan Tynan are the reason why.