Yankee Fan Found the Fountain of Youth



Photo of Bernardo LaPallo, 101-years or 111-years


Update: There is no birth certificate. Researchers said he could be as young as 101. He still looks great!

This story is a great story! Bernardo LaPallo is 111-years old and was honored at Yankee Stadium yesterday.

He is older than the stadium and said he never thought he’d live to see another stadium built. He was about twenty-two when the first stadium was built. He remembers going to Hilltop Park to watch the games when he was about 9 or 10-years old.

LaPallo earned a culinary degree in 1928 and, in his 70’s, he graduated from NYU with a degree in podiatry and reflexology. He ran a massage business for 20 years after that.

He met Babe Ruth 93 years ago. Can you imagine what he has seen and lived through? Wars, presidents, inventions…! He was alive when the Cubs last won a world series in 1908.

Unfortunately, the Yankees lost 11 to 1 at the game to honor this 111-year old! [He made a point of saying he will be 112 in August.]

Even more amazing – Mr. LaPallo looks and sounds like a man about 70. He looks like a little older version of Juan Williams.

video via youtube

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