Yes! Mandating Gun Ownership in Small Town, USA

Don't commit your crimes in Augusta!
Don’t commit your crimes in Augusta!

A small town in Maine is considering an ordinance mandating gun ownership. It would be an unenforceable law but it does send a message.

The ordinance in Augusta, Maine, will likely be approved on Monday since 90% of their inhabitants already own guns. The article up for a vote in Maine asks, “Shall the town of Byron vote to require all households to have firearms and ammunition to protect the citizens?”

They hope to preempt any efforts by the federal government to limit Second Amendment rights.

There are exemptions for religious reasons, illness, personal beliefs, mental disability and so on.

Small towns across the country are passing similar ordinances.

In Kennesaw, Ga., city officials passed their law in 1982 when the first assault weapons ban passed, because they feared increased gun crime as a result of the ban. Their police chief said their law has worked and it sends a strong anti-crime message. They have a low crime rate.

States are passing gun laws left-and-right and not all are anti-gun.

South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard signed a law that would give school boards the authority to allow teachers to carry firearms in the classroom, a proposal some advocated for in the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., last year.

ABC News claims the states are trying to balance a “tradition” [meaning our Second Amendment] with “public safety”! How is that for biased news!!!

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