Yikes! Libertarian Gary Johnson Would Pick Leftist Supreme Court Justices


This I did not expect though it is obvious the Democrat Party is feeding the majority of Gary Johnson’s supporters.

Gary Johnson’s VP candidate Bill Weld would pick justices like Stephen Breyer and Merrick Garland, both of whom will not support the Second Amendment.

Breyer is a left-wing activist Justice who opposed Heller and who always or almost always sides with Ginsberg. Garland has also legislated left from the bench and has shown a lack of support for the Second Amendment. He is a man of the left and both are partisans.

Weld seems to think they are not partisans but that flies in the face of all evidence.

It’s hard to believe these two candidates said what they said.



  1. His brand of libertarianism is authoritarian, with the Court giving new powers to the state.

    • That is an ignorant lie and you know it! Where do you pick up these absurdities? Fish them out of the toilet bowl?

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