Obama Has 200 Colleges Signed on to the Upcoming Illegal Climate Treaty!

Sustainable Yale
Sustainable Yale Building

Climate Change is one of the direct paths to socialism that Barack Obama has set up. He has attacked every pillar of society and infiltrated the citadels of power and learning.

College tuitions haven’t skyrocketed enough so more than 200 colleges have decided to add a climate change fee to tuitions. Yale is the first school to enact a “carbon charge” campus-wide after signing a pledge at the White House this week.

This is the poison in the climate change movement – it can be used to take our money and our freedoms all in the name of saving the earth.

More than 200 universities have signed this pledge. This is a lead-up to the Climate Change summit and it’s part of Obama’s plan to build up support prior to what will prove to be an effort to trample the treaty powers of the Senate.

As soon as Obama is out of office, the Congress has to pass a law to make it illegal for colleges to charge a climate fee.

Yale joined the White House Climate Day of Action and posted this statement on Yale News:

Yale University has accepted a national call to action on climate change, urging a strong global agreement at the upcoming Paris climate summit and pledging to bring Yale’s leadership, teaching, and research expertise to bear on creating a sustainable future.

Yale seeks “a comprehensive, ambitious agreement at the upcoming United Nations Climate Negotiations in Paris”, they wrote.

We have another year of Obama infecting the entire country and every institution with this money-grabbing, power-grabbing socialist ruse.

The university and others have an in-depth plan to inculcate climate change doctrine into every aspect of university instruction.

Obama has encouraged and bullied businesses to sign the same pledge though Gates and Buffet had no problem signing it.

We might never come out from under this economic burden he is forcing on the nation.

The hundreds of colleges are listed here on the White House website.

The Washington Examiner reported that Republican Sens. John Barrasso of Wyoming and Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma led a group of 37 senators in sending a letter to the president Thursday night, saying that any global agreement with “binding” timetables and emission targets, as well as financial obligations costing taxpayers, “must be brought before Congress for approval.”

Obama has already pledged $100 billion but the worst part of that is he’s committing us to massive global bureaucracies and their ongoing power grabs.

When he first came on the scene, Rupert Murdoch said he liked Obama but then he spoke with him and came out saying his Obama’s ideas on globalism are “dangerous”. Now we know what he meant.

The climate change treaty must go through the Senate for ratification but Obama has no intention of doing that.