Yorktown Public High School Hangs Political Propaganda Everywhere


Yorktown High School in Arlington, Virginia is filled with posters espousing left-wing political propaganda, under the guise of it being policy. The administration allows the teachers to hang posters with overtly political messages.

They hung a banner in the atrium commemorating the radical hate group, BlackLivesMatter.

Some of the other posters suggest conservatives don’t believe in science and the left’s way is the only way.

Students say the signs are in rainbow colors and started popping up in all corners of the high school about two weeks ago, but some students say this issue is very black or white. They also say that the signs and politics don’t belong in school.

The signs say in rainbow colors the following phrases: “Patriots Know: Facts are Not Political. Diversity Strengthens Us. Science Is Real. Women’s Rights Are Human Rights. Justice Is For All. We’re All Immigrants. Kindness Is Everything. We Are Yorktown.”

Another poster read, immigrants welcome here, no muslim ban, our city stands tall, and it included the “MoveOn” logo. MoveOn is a very radical left organization. I attended one MoveOn meeting on Long Island and the woman running it, a teacher, admitted she was a Marxist.

These are left-wing values and narratives. Is is the role of the school to put this forth as the values the students must adopt? Taxpayer dollars are paying for indoctrination.

A student John Piper spoke with Tucker Carlson last night.

This has been discussed on The Larry O’Connor show since the 8th. Go to 1:37:00: One of the parents said a teacher was praising Stalin, Mao and other madmen.


  1. Why not have the DOJ look into civil rights violations at this school? Just as the DOJ did during the Obama administration.

  2. Diversity is code for kill whitey. Only majority-white countries are expected to “embrace diversity” as some kind of moral imperative, and allow themselves to be overrun by non-whites.

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