You Are Better Off Than You Were Four Years Ago If You Were Living in Greece


From President Obama’s Greek column phase to his driving us off the fiscal cliff phase, are you better off? Are you better off with gas prices twice as high? Are you better off with millions of people having left the work force? Are you better off with $16 trillion in debt? Are you better off now that unemployment has gone from 7.9% to 8.3% in four years despite the almost trillion dollar stimulus that was supposed to prevent that?

Obama would have you believe the answer is “Yes.”

Joe Biden said we are better off than we were four years ago because Osama bin Laden is dead and GM is alive.

Of course Osama’s demise is good for America. Unfortunately, at the same time, Obama has aided and abetted, actually encouraged, the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise in the Middle East.

The Arab Spring is, in reality, the Islamist Rising.

Egypt, the most important nation in the region is under the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood with Islamist theocrat Muhammad Morsi as President. The Brotherhood  is a modern day Echidna, having spawned al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, and almost every terrorist group in the Middle East and beyond.

Carter gave us an Islamic Iran and Obama gave us an Islamic Egypt.

As for GM, Biden should have said the UAW is alive. The bailout was of the union, not the car company. In addition to buying off the union, it gave Obama the opportunity to force GM to make electric cars. The Volt is the car nobody wants. We bought GM stock at $53 a share and it’s now worth $20 a share.

President Obama said this about the Republican National Convention:

“It was something to behold,” Obama said at a farm museum here. “Despite all the challenges that we face … what they offered over those three days was more often than not an agenda that was better suited for the last century. It was a re-run. We’ve seen it before. You might as well have watched it on a black-and-white TV.”

Obama wants to take us FORWARD with more yearly trillion dollar plus deficits; continued high unemployment; and the destruction of private enterprise with ever-more burdensome regulations. Obama’s Dodd-Frank bill is killing smaller banks but it’s growing the big banks which were too big to fail.

Better yet, with another Obama term, we will have Obamacare permanently enshrined in a more socialist United States.

Only a complete idiot would think that we could spend trillions, cover 32 million or so people with government health insurance and SAVE MONEY.

Obama stole $716 billion from allocations for Medicare to make it appear as if Obamacare was saving money.

If people are wondering whether the Democrats will take the high road at their convention, wonder no more. Their convention will be one vicious attack after another because they have no record to run on. They do however believe they can blame Bush for their dismal economic recovery which is, for many, worse than the recession.

Democratic operatives, after some hesitation when first asked the question, are now adamant that we are better off because of all those phantom jobs Obama has created. Jobs have been created but they haven’t even kept up with the rate of growth.

Then there is their mantra that it is Bush’s fault.

Bush forced Obama to spend over a trillion dollars in deficit spending per year without making any effort whatsoever to reign it in or to deal with unsustainable programs. In fact, Obama added another unsustainable program with Obamacare. All of this must be Bush’s fault.

There is no doubt that the economy tanked in the last year of Bush’s term, thanks in part to the housing bubble which was helped along by the Democratic Congress. The Democratic Congress shares much of the blame here. Bush inherited a recession from Bill Clinton but never once blamed Clinton. We had seven good years under Bush and four bad years under this ill-prepared president.

In an honest moment, Governor O’Malley of Maryland said we are not better off but, after he received his talking points today, he changed his mind and said we are better off.

Axelrod appeared on Fox News Sunday yesterday and did his best to evade the question of whether we are better off than we were four years ago but Wallace brought him back to the question:

The statistics Wallace used:

  • Unemployment: 7.8% then, 8.3% now
  • Median income: $54,983 then, $50,964 now
  • Gas prices: $1.85 per gallon then, $3.78 now
  • National debt: $10.6 trillion then, $15.9 trillion now

Axelrod wants us to believe that Obama has done a great job.

The President has managed to bring down the workforce participation rate to the lowest it has been since 1981. In mid-August, Gallup reported unemployment at 8.3% though the Bureau of Truth is reportedly coming out with unemployment at 8.1% for the month of August. Gallup has underemployment (unemployment and part-time workers seeking full-time employment) at 17%.

Manufacturing will probably have fewer jobs added in August than in July.

Thirty percent of the jobs being added by this president are in low paying personal services areas.

The Wall Street Journal weighs in:

The Labor Department recently said that 6.1 million workers in 2009-2011 have lost jobs that they’d had for at least three years. Of those, 45% hadn’t found work as of January 2012. And of those who had found full-time jobs, half had settled for lower wages, a third for wages 20% or more below their old ones.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said Friday that unemployment is still two percentage points higher than normal — that works out to 3 million workers. “The stagnation of the labor market in particular is a grave concern not only because of the enormous suffering and waste of human talent it entails, but also because persistently high levels of unemployment will wreak structural damage on our economy that could last for many years,” he said at the Fed’s Jackson Hole, Wyo., conference.

This is the worst recovery since World War II.

I am looking FORWARD to seeing how Obama is going to turn this around – more of the same no doubt. It sounds like something that might as well be on a black-and-white TV.

Stephanie Cutter is my favorite for lying with such enthusiasm about our being better off. According to one of his minions, Obama is in a plane, he’s pulled up the stick and he’s pulled us out of that decline [we’re really in a death spiral]:

I’m going to end on this note: Money News reports that “incomes fell more in the three-year expansion that started in June 2009 than during the longest recession since the Great Depression, according an analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data by Sentier Research LLC.”